Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


‘But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel other than the one we preached to you, let them be under God's curse!’ Gal 1.8 NIV.

The Enemy knows that Christ is our life. His strategy is to get people attached to a christ who is not the Christ of God and not the I AM who is Jesus Son of Man. As the father of lies he engineers false christ’s to fog-out and paralyse believers who coast along in what they have always believed or who consume religion manufactured by others. These christ look-a likes can be constructs of our imagination, the product of christian mythology that grows like weeds in religion and thoughts woven into received theology by demons. These are the less obvious and more subtle false christs aptly sourced from ‘doctrines of demons’ and cunningly devised fables.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that when invited, Jesus comes into your very being. He takes up residence in you and begins to demolish these veils, lies, myths, perspectives and our/my theology. This is astonishingly liberating since some theologies are a lie. Now in you, Jesus gives you His eyes so that you grow in seeing with His eyes. You see Him as He is, you see the Father as He is minus the slanders of the Enemy and you see who you are as sons and daughters of God. You will never know yourself or God in the law or in separation theology. Knowing God and knowing ourselves from living in the union with God that is already ours.

The gospel of the Kingdom is simpler and better than the religious mind can invent. Christ is our life. This is it. He lives in us by the Spirit. We have been made one with God. We belong and always will. Living our life in fear and trembling is about assiduosly living from what we have - union with God and being vigilant in resisting regressive and revisionist gospels.

‘See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the elemental spiritual forces of this world rather than on Christ’ Col 2.8 NIV.

The main false-gospel grazing like a sacred cow in the pastures of religion is a version of try-harderism: The gospel of separationism and the implication that you are separated from God and that you need ‘more’ of God. You need a stairway to God in the form of a church and a gifted preacher to think for you, to be a priest on your behalf and a bunch of gifted singers and musicians to get you into ‘the presence’ of God. Fact is though you are already in His Presence and His Presence is in you.

The Don Moen Song, ‘
I just want to Be where You are’ is a melodious and earnest example of asking Jesus for what we already have - His presence in us and with us. Christian praise and worship badly needs lyrics that are new covenant and true to incarnational reality. You are already with God. He lives in your being. The Holy Family has taken up residence in you. It may be piety but it is not sound doctrine to plead for what you already possess. ‘Separationism’ - the assumption that Believers remain separate from God post cross and post pentecost is the core of religion but the negation of the Kingdom Jesus began.

I just want to be where You are, [In Christ you are fellowshipping in he trinity]
dwelling daily in Your presence [ By the Spirit we are never orphans. God is with us and in us]
I don't want to worship from afar, [Once we believe Jesus, He, Holy Spirit and Jesus come and make their home in us]
draw me near to where You are [We were drawn into God at the cross. Today you are in Father and He is in you]

Jesus is the new and living way into the presence of God. This presence is more than a charismatic ‘thing’ celebrated in praise and worship or a manifestation. In Jesus you are in the Holy Family and they in you. Each member of the trinity minsters life to you in their own way. Thus you are enveloped in the fullness of God. In Jesus you are one with Father as Jesus is one with Father.

Jesus came from the being of His Father. Joined to His Father, He was the unique expression of Himself and the exact expression of His Father as the son. Today - if you are not insulated from Father by your attachment to the law, ‘another gospel’ or things extrinsic to Jesus - you are joined to Father as a daughter or a son. You, as was Jesus are an extension of Father’s being, just as your daughter Carol is a real extension of you. We are filled with spirit and life because we are joined to spirit and life in the person of Jesus. We are united with our origins: The Family of God. We are not bereft of His presence. Far from it. In Christ we are His manifest presence! We are the sons of God.

This is the truth: ‘The gospel of the kingdom as opposed to lesser gospels is not that we can receive Jesus into our lives. It is that we have been received into His.’