Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


Sobriety is in order at funerals. And in court. I have witnessed attempts at lightness at funerals that are well intended but often misplaced. Don’t be afraid of your emotions and your grief. There is a time for everything. Particularly is there a time for being human - all the time.

The Son of Man did not come to make us mutes or neuters. He came to reveal our Father and to reveal ourselves to us in Himself. It is of huge significance that Jesus is our grace; that He is the expression of our Father’s grace and that He is the real expression of who each of us are.

Grace informs us that God gives us space. Grace tells us that Jesus is not only about making us righteous. In His grace we have space to be who we are, even when we are wrong and misguided. As much as this may give the religious soul angst, grace allows us to be ourselves and being our authentic self is who God wants us to be.

It is far better to be an imperfect self than a non-self. At any given moment we can relax and rejoice in His grace and thank Him that we are free to be ourselves. It is in His free and absolute acceptance of our self that He provides the opportunity to become our better self. There is a false self that is us in the Father of Lies and a real self that who we are in Jesus and the Father of Life.

To see Jesus is to see our ultimately real self and be drawn relentlessly into His fullness. In the mean time we can laugh and rejoice in His grace.