Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


This is about Believers and the poverty mentality.

I know folks, people who are close to me, who flourish freely in life. They are not richer than others but they live from life rather than from the fear of life’s demise. There are others - good folk who live a more strained existence. They are not poor. They live to survive instead of living to live. When a choice has to be made they will choose that which might guarantee survival rather than make a choice that would lead to pleasure and the flowering of their spirit and life as a human being. They give the impression that they would have been just as happy if born as a horse instead of a person. Indeed they define themselves as a worker.

But here’s the thing. There’s life to the full and there’s existence. One who lives in abundance is quite different to one who is absorbed in surviving. There are those who live in relative physical abundance who have a need to identify themselves as poor. They live in a survival mode when they have more than adequate to survive. It’s called living from a poverty mentality. In the Christian life we can live from abundance or from survival mode. This is the difference between sin consciousness and life consciousness.

When Jesus began His ministry the Kingdom of God came among the people of the world. This was the beginning of the end of life in Adam and the start of our life in God. In Adam all live as mendicants and beggars, attempting to be worthy of God and ‘be like gods’ constructing their own versions of good and evil. At the cross all were made one with God. At Pentecost God came to live in human beings. When the Spirit came, the person of Jesus came to live in you and in a manner of speaking ‘be you.’ Christ is our grace, our righteousness and our life. He is God and our relationship with Father. In Him we are much more than advanced pond-scums and liver-warts. We are more than sinners making a virtue of endurance. We are the sons and daughters of God.

The difference between old and new covenant is basic. In the old we are our life. In the new
Christ is our life. In the old covenant and law we live in survival mode. In the new covenant age will live in abundance. We are in Christ, in God and already have eternal life.

Today you are not separated from God. You are in God. You are in communion with the trinity. You are sons and daughters in spirit and truth. The latter is not theoretical or conditional. It is the achievement of God for you.

In the natural those defining themselves as ‘survivors’ can take a peculiar comfort in defining themselves as poor. They see this as kind protection and insurance against the dangers of being a spend-thrift, of living too fully as themselves and as a result, exposing themselves to the possibility of financial catastrophe. And with this disaster, the annihilation of the self. They find difficulty in seeing themselves as deserving. As a result they are attracted to conspicuous effort as a means of demonstrating to themselves and to the common gaze that they are worthy - worthy of being valued and loved.

This is like the Believer who takes refuge in the law, comfort in self-effort and security in the un-life and woodenness of their religion of law and works. This does not enable them to flourish in an abundance of spirit and life. It gives the comfort of survival. But here one is living as a peasant when one is are a king.

To live in sin-consciousness is to live a peasant existence. To live as sons and daughters is to live in who we are in Christ. To live in Christ our life is to obey our Father and be filled in Spirit with His Son. To live in the Spirit and not the poverty mentality of the law is to obey - which is better than sacrifice because it is life. The command of God is to believe His Son. The testimony of Jesus is that Christ is your life.