Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


The difference between our life in Adam and our life in Jesus is that in Adam we describe what we think is the life of God. In Jesus - in new covenant mode - we are the life of God. We are sons.

When teaching Jesus expressed His Father Himself, His life and His Way. In any teaching ministry we do better when we teach on what we are living rather than on something we have studied up on. When we teach from our at-one-ment with God we are sharing both Him and ourselves. The power of Jesus’ ministry was His union with His Father. The spirit and life of our ministry is our union with Father. In Jesus we and Father are one.

The new covenant has nothing to do with the law and everything to do with you and Father being one. This is the core of the new testament, the source of our competency to minister and the soil of the anointing and the gifts.

Living in the new covenant our life is Christ and what is Christ’s is ours. Our life and our words - our teaching is an expression of Him rather than the presentation of some abstraction on which we have studied up. In this kind of teaching we are sharing Christ, Father and Holy Spirit by sharing ourselves. This is function of our union with God.

If we live in a continuing exploration of our life in God, as opposed to dormancy, we and Father will be one and more. We and life are one. Relieved of the dichotomy that is the knowledge of good and evil we are one with Jesus and one with the Kingdom of life emitting from our Father.In a Jesus life we are in spirit and in truth a living agent of the new creation. A Jesus life is not a Jesus helping us achieve morality, ethics and the law life. It is He as the living word being our life.

In this kind of union we are not only talking about life. We are life.

Many Christians live in a dichotomised state of being which is the normal state of existence if one lives an old covenant Adamic life, law-based life. Attached to the law in any way we cannot help but purvey lifeless abstractions since law and knowledge are not alive and neither are we. We can be honestly doing our best in this mode and be unaware that we are accompanied by an atmosphere of death.

The union the Son always had with Father is now your possession and inheritance. We now possess a unified life because Jesus has made us one with Himself, the Father and the creation. In being drawn into God you have been positioned in the womb of the life of creation. Live from where you have been placed and reject revisionist doctrine.

Christ our life is the difference between being cognisant of Kingdom life as an abstraction and actually being that life. In this state of being we and Father are one and the words we teach are spirit and life. Today, just as Jesus was the manifest presence of His Father, so are we the manifest presence of Jesus, Holy Spirit and our Father.

‘Jesus replied, "Anyone who loves me will obey my teaching. My Father will love them, and we will come to them and make our home with them’ John 14.23 NIV.

The most distressing feature of teaching rooted in a law culture is that it is not alive. Some of the most deadly teaching dissertations are uttered, not because the person is not clever, educated, informed and loves Jesus but because they are the opposite to spirit and life. There is a parade of information that is actually a subtle form of law - which should not surprise us if ‘law’ is what is being lived in. It is not uncommon for people who love Jesus to teach a law-based message that assumes our separation from God. Religion offers itself as the means of undoing our separation from God. Holy Spirit will always offer Jesus as the One who has already undone it.

We need to understand that law is the knowledge of good and evil and the knowledge of good and evil is law and that in these we live apart from God.

Jesus offers life to the full or as some translations have it ‘life without limit.’ Life to the full is union with God in spirit and life. As an astute person said, ‘In the new testament age the command of God is to obey His Son. The testimony of Jesus is that Christ is our life.’ In ministry this is the difference between a river of sand and a stream of living water.

In the Kingdom of God life, righteousness, imagination, creativity, love and wisdom are never things in themselves. They don’t hang in the ether as disembodied entities. They are qualities of the Christ who is in you.

In God good is the expression of persons - firstly of the Holy Family and secondly of you when you are one with God and in the new covent and not the old. This is what is meant by life in the Spirit. It is life in the Spirit of Christ. Don’t let any one tell you that the new covenant is the Ten Commandments written on people’s hearts. No way. Father would not shrink His sons in this way. The new covenant is the Father expressed as you, Holy Spirit igniting you and Jesus’ mind as your mind. Your new birth is you formed in Christ and maturing into Him.

‘My dear children, for whom I am again in the pains of childbirth until Christ is formed in you’ Gal 4.19 NIV.

You live in oneness with God in your new covenant life. Now when you speak you are attached to the logos (the living word) and an extension of the meaning, purpose, wisdom and revelation of God. You are an agent and messenger of spirit and life. You are spirit and life itself.

Francois Du Toit quotes from his book, ‘God Believes in You’ on Facebook writing.
‘Oneness is not an elusive mystic goal to strive towards for the rest of our lives! So many sincere people have over the centuries wasted many a day and even a lifetime striving to live "towards", when we have all along already been liberated in the finished work of Christ, to live "from" completeness!’

‘To live from completeness.’ In Christ we are positioned in God. In the Spirit Jesus lives in you. Live from where you have been positioned by living in Christ and nothing else. Don’t add anything to Christ. Anything you add makes Him a shadow and becomes the reality. This is a reality that numbs you to Him, to your real self and to the accurate perception of His presence or absence. The reality is always Christ. Live in Him!

People live outside of oneness for one simple reason. They are not living from the new covenant. Christ is not their life. They look to him or the church to acquire the union with God that is already theirs. Many live in an old testament mentality and actually live in a subtle quasi- law -state in which they attempt a hotchpotch of good works to admit them to a life of spirit and righteousness that is separate from themselves. But it is not. It is already in them and with them.

Whether this attempt is ‘achieving intimacy with God’ or ‘keeping close to Jesus’ it is indicative of the view that you are here and God and his goodness is some place else. But it’s not. He is with you and in you because Christ has come in your flesh. God is eating for His people to know that they are the manifestation of the Father.

There are lovely people who do not live in union with God. They love Jesus but are not living and experiencing this union because they have exchanged the union that is theirs with other things like the law or a sit of hoops they must jump through to obtain what is already theirs. As sincere and lovely as they are they are deceived into this futility by the spirit who seeks to undo every fullness in Christ and replace it with partiality or a religious substitute. But all veils are removed in the Christ of God and the Son of our Father.

‘This is how you can recognize the Spirit of God: Every spirit that acknowledges that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God’ 1 John 4.2 NIV.