Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


The seed that grows into the Kingdom is the person of Jesus. Sown into the soul of human hearts He multiplies Himself in us. He makes people sons in spirit and in truth. In the law and religion we can be sons notionally. With Jesus as our life we renewed in the spirit of sonship and represent Father in spirit and in truth. There is much in spirit and in truth. It is the difference between Kingdom fruitfulness and religious busy-work.

Sons are His body. Communities that are the expression of Jesus are the church He builds without human hands. This is the church that in all its colour and variety is the manifestation of His person. In this new and living way we are Jesus writ large. This is His plan to replenish the earth.

If we expect to assist Jesus in the church He builds we need to know the meaning of life in the Spirit, live in His spirit and life and be grounded in the doctrine of the new covenant and the meaning of Christ our life for new creation living. There’s not point in fussing along in sincerity if we are sincerely misinformed about the meaning of the new covenant for us personally and the Kingdom of God. In this respect Joseph Prince has encouraged the church with his book,
The Power of Right Believing. The new covenant is the effect of the cross and the result of the Spirit in you. Genuinely apostolic teaching in this hour is mainly focussed on some aspect of the new covenant - and rightly so because it is the power of God not only for salvation but for the recreation of the earth.

‘To the angel of the church in Laodicea write: These are the words of the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the
ruler of God's creation’ Rev 3.14 NIV.

Individually and as the kingdom, sons and daughters of God are the manifestation of Jesus in the world. We are His manifest presence. They don't get this way by self-effort or correct formulation. They are who they are because they are sons shaped and matured in the womb of the trinity. We are the progeny of God from the beginning and the children of God by rebirth. Christ is in us and we are in God. Nurtured in Father we are sons in spirit and in truth. Nurtured in the community of he trinity we as the church are the community of God come in the flesh - God’s Emmanuel - the sons and daughters of God with the men and women of the earth.

The fullness of the God-head bodily in those who believe is infinitely superior and more dynamic than anything that can come from a formulaic re-configuration of the church, church growth theory or theories of mission.
Missiology without the new covenant and the anointing of Holy Spirit is a sounding brass and tinkling cymbal. Evangelism, unless steeped in the vicarious humanity of Jesus promotes religion instead of the Kingdom. Yet because Jesus is our life we are kings who promote the Kingdom in spirit and in truth. I have just read an amazing book by cardiologist Dr Chauncy Crandall. In Touching Heaven he shows how healing and resurrection in surgery and hospital and anywhere else, reveals to the world that our God is real.

The life of God is found in the Christ come in human flesh. Not some rejuvenated version of the letter that kills. We need to be clear on this. A gospel defined by institutionalism and the reviving of same is a gospel of the letter that leaves people in death. Spirit and life are not found in novel institutionalism. Spirit and life, the oxygen and blood supply of the Kingdom is found in the new covenant reality of Christ in you, Christ in all. Today every Believer is the manifest presence of Jesus.

Christ is our life because He roots us in Father and makes the trinity at home in our being. He is the vine because He grafts us into Father so that we are branches of life and God’s supernatural power. We are the fruit because we are joined to Him and manifest His life.

There are church plants that wither. Some because they are a replacement of one Holy Spirit empty box with a pointy roof with another in a house of cafe. They have no power from on high and no sense of presence because the only presence is themselves. They have not been schooled in the Holy Spirit and His gifts. They don’t hear God and do not heal the sick , raise the dead or cast out demons. But they do perpetuate the institution of church. Such boxes have no more of God as a real supernatural God than any good living agnostic. They have a form of godliness without power. This, not because all this is not theirs but because it has been hidden and robbed from them by cunningly devised fables.

Other church plants wither because those who planted them have no authority to do so. They are not apostolic planters because they are not sons. Not sons in spirit and in truth. Not sons because they do not live in new covenant union with God and not sons because they and Father are not one - even though this is their inheritance. A genuinely apostolic person father’s churches when he himself is a son of God in spirit and in truth. Such a person knows God’s voice, is filled with wisdom and revelation and plants Jesus not churches. The result is a harvest of sons.

A slave is a son whose spiritual inheritance is unclaimed and buried in the ground or burned in relion. The difference between a son and a worker or slave is that a son lives in their inheritance of the spirit of sonship. One with the Father a son expresses His nature and does what He is doing. He is alive with spirit and life.

Christ’s church is the sons of God active in the world. The church is Jesus manifest in all the variety of His people freed from artifice and religiosity to be themselves. Liberated to be who they truly are they are relieved of the burden of religious humbug and formulae mongering to be sons of God led by the Spirit of God to be themselves. To be themselves in spirit and in truth and to manifest the fullness of Christ.

One need not have a false reverence and a sycophantic relationship to institutionalism to be effective for God. Quite the opposite. Fruitfulness comes from being hidden in Christ and formed without human hands. Don’t betray the church by moving from one institution to another or from one god empty box to a different one. Don’t delude people by giving them some new manifestation of the letter. We Have a life that is Christ. The essence and reality of this life is Christ come in our flesh to manifest Himself in our being as individuals and in community. This the power and the Kingdom of God writ large in His people. This is your authority to multiply what Jesus began. In this way heaven spreads all over the earth.