Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


In the Christ of God all things really do become new. Veils are taken away. Sometimes dissolved. At other times ripped like the curtain in the temple. There are times, when the LIGHT, the clarity that is the logos and living TRUTH graces us to see what the Father of Lies does not want us to see: That what we have been taught and assumed as truth is mostly death at worst and a faint hint of life at best. However we are liberated not by seeing that all we have believed is a cunningly devised fable. But that Christ Himself is our life and He is in is walking us in the light.

Some versions of Christianity are different because they are a heresy - not because they are an expression of Christ our life and not because they are the gospel of the Kingdom. They are what Paul warned all of: ‘Another gospel.’ They are a heresy because they have negated the power of the cross and undone the atonement, replacing this with some element of man’s doing. ‘The flesh means nothing’ Jesus declared. Nothing to Kingdom advance, that is. What makes the difference is spirit and life. Similarly Paul observed that religious forms have no value. What counts is a new creation.


Good-bye institutionalism. Hello spirit and life! Jesus is the vine. Father is the root of our being. We are the branches and fruit. We are not just related to Him. In Jesus we are in Him, in God. In the spirit of sonship we express Him with His spirit and life. In Jesus you and the Father are one.

‘The path of the righteous is like the morning sun, shining ever brighter till the full light of day’ Prov 4.18