Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


Spirit and life is the life of heaven flowing through you. Before Christ, His cross and resurrection, iniquity could be forgiven. But not removed. Iniquity, a form of death can be removed only by life. It is pushed out, crowded out, by life to the full, by the life of God incarnated in you. Since the resurrection and the outpouring of the Spirit life has come to live in you. Avail yourself of this freely given life and you will be filled with spirit and life. Which brings me to our theme.

Under The Age headline, ‘Stop being a loser. Wake up , we are winning,’ there appeared these remarks by economics writer, Ross Gittins.

‘One way to be a loser is not to have the wit to realize when you are winning. Being a winner but not knowing it isn't all that gratifying.’

He was writing about the economy. But He could have been writing about Believers who live in a ‘sin’ instead of a ‘son’ mentality, or who live in the old dead way rather than in the new and living way. Then again he could have been writing of those encased in the old covenant rather than alive in the spirit of the new. Or maybe those who are attached to the law by way of a distinctive belief or because they are living a modified knowledge of good and evil existence under the umbrella of Christianity. Either Christ is our life or we are not awake and not fully alive.

‘When you were dead in your sins and in the uncircumcision of your flesh, God made you alive with Christ. He forgave us all our sins’ COL 2.13 NIV.

Death flows from the law and sin. Death is as one with the law as wet is with water. Life is God - for our purposes Jesus who came not to deliver a few droplets of life but life without limit. Real life is always without limit. Abridged and subtracted life is always a form of iniquity.

Why live as a loser when Jesus has made you a winner? In Jesus you are able to reign over circumstances, yourself and the Enemy. Because all things are under Christ’s feet, they are under yours - if you are living in Him and not as a loser in a construct, a culture or a religious climate that smothers the reality of Christ.

Anyone who takes the name of Jesus is potentially a winner, if our Christ is the Christ of God, not a false christ, a
reduced christ or a christ made irrelevant because we are so involved in what is really His role and joy - being our life! We are living witless when we do not realize that we have already won!

Unfortunately we live in the reality our mind creates. This is why we need the mind of Christ, our Father and the Spirit and not the mind of mindless religion and ‘loser doctrine.’ Many Believers think they are free of the law, yet they live in it as a matter of course. Not that they are living out of Moses. They are living out of themselves and a culture of ‘christianity’ defined as ‘what church folks should do.’ Here it is unlikely that we have ever experienced the transforming power of Jesus. Our freedom, our pleasure and our real life is living in Jesus and what He has done. If you don’t know what the new covenant is,
find out and live in it.

‘The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full’ John 10.10 NIV.

Why live from the law or your own version of the knowledge of good and evil when you can live from life itself - when Christ can be your life; when all the life of the universe wrapped up in One Person can live in you? Never accept the theft of life as sound doctrine. Any teaching, gospel or belief system that lessens the fullness of life in the name of god does not come from God. It belongs to the anti-life spirit of anti-christ.

Being a loser can be the result of not having the wit to realize that doctrinally, we have been sold a furphy and a lie. It can be the natural effect of making religion from a lie and believing people you mistakenly thought you could trust. Or the more serious condition of having the light come to you but preferring darkness rather than light.

One way to be a loser is not to have the wit to realize when you are winning because you are living in the age of the new covenant. Being a winner but not knowing it isn't all that gratifying and impedes the Kingdom of God.

We cannot add Holy Spirit and the gifts to the law. Having the Holy Spirit will never equate to infinite new covenant life that is beyond the law and framed in the Spirit of Sonship. Life in the Spirit flows from personhood, from the trinity and never from the abstractions of the letter. There is no genuine apostleship for those rooted in the law. But there is when our being is rooted and planted in our Father as was Jesus. A genuine apostle never represents a belief system or anything old covenant. Real apostles, like Jesus come from our Father and represent Him because they and our Father are one.

The Enemy wants you lame and a faint phantom of yourself in order to castrate you and impede the new creation. Christ is our life. This is His Kingdom among us and the new creation advancing in the world!