Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


The gospel of the Kingdom is so simple many miss it. Jesus said ‘It is Me.’ This is what He meant when He declared Himself the way, the truth and the life. The Kingdom is as simple as Christ your life. Nothing more, nothing less. Christ manifest in you, the Spirit of Jesus manifest as you. Christ manifest as all of us is the new creation Kingdom of God.

When Jesus proclaimed Himself the vine with ourselves as the branches, He was telling us that it is He who joins us to our Father; He who grafts us into to our origins and place of birth; He who connects us to the source of our identity and our real life - our real life as opposed to the phantom lives that enshroud us when we live in anything not Christ, any addition to Christ or any subtraction from His new covenant arrangement of Christ in us the hope and actuality of glory.

The truth of this age is Christ come in our flesh - in mine, in yours, in all who take His name. The Christian life is not an adherence to morality and principle. It is Christ’s life as yours. Until we are willing to exchange our lives for His we can expect that ‘
the one ring will rule them all’ and the kingdom of orcs to perpetuate itself along with the Saruman’s of institutionalism and the stewards who would be kings but are not.