Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


A teen age girl remarked that Jesus gave her the power to ‘say no.’ Understandable when we are beset by many temptations. Yet God has given us better than this. He has liberated us to say ‘yes’ to Jesus, ‘yes’ to life!
Every person has access to infinite life in Jesus. Yet one can be a member of a church and not have much of Him. One can be an active church member and be the same. Jesus is not our activity. But our activity is life-giving when we are His life. Many of us are content with a routine church life that permits a badge of Christianity. But there is infinitely more available to those who have a passion for Jesus such that He is their life. Old Testament David is a model of new testament life. Yet all of us can have more than David because the trinity lives in us.
A Jesus life is not gained without pain and loss. I’m reading a book called
Touching Heaven. Dr Chauncey Crandall, a surgeon remarks that many in the west are satisfied with a Christianity that has little of Christ because they are absorbed in a life without Him. What suffices for many is an absorption in our life with Jesus added. Yet grace offers the opportunity for life without limit. The Kingdom is not us being churched. It is Jesus expressed as us!
The Spirit of God works tirelessly so that all may enjoy the banquet life of God. I mean a life that is in you and with you as companionship and comfort. It authorises you to perform miracles in His name. Don’t expect to have much impact on the world of all you can offer is the perpetuation of your local church or new ways of doing church. Jesus did not come to multiply church. He came to multiply Himself in you. This is His church and the new creation transformation of the world.
Grace is infinite. Nothing you can do can separate you from God. We have been made one. Separation is finished. We are graced to belong. Graced to grow. Graced to be sons and graced to flourish and impart life as ourselves. Grace is more than a means of covering sins or an environment for self-improvement. Grace draws us into the life of God and imbues us with His spirit and life. The overarching expression of grace is the
vicarious humanity of Jesus - which means that He stands for all of us and is all of us.
Jesus is even our relationship with Himself. You can’t lose when He is your life. But to make Him only part of life is to make ourselves cripples.
Just as the life of the trinity was the life of each, so your life is firstly the life of Jesus the life of God in you. Many have assumed that because Israel had a law, there is an eternal law, to which even God is subordinate. Books have been written in which it is claimed that Jesus lived to fulfil the law. But He did not. He lived entirely from His Father. In doing so, He pleased Him and revealed Him. None who lived from the law will ever please God. Living from His Son is pleasing to God.
‘He is before all things, and in him all things hold together’ Col 1.17 NIV.
What we see in Jesus is the Son living from His Father. There is no law that is separate from God. God is Himself
the logos and the entity in which all things hold together. In this sense the new covenant restores the ancient ways. In Jesus all of us come to live in God. By the One Spirit we are one with God and one with creation. And just as importantly one with ourselves. When Christ is our life we and life are one. This is a dimension far above the law, Christianity and sin management. It is fullness of life. Life so overflowing with itself that it is infinite. Grace is not about sin management. It's about marination in life.
‘But whoever is united with the Lord is one with him in spirit’ 1 Cor 6.17 NIV.
As a youth the text 'Faith without works is dead' was often used as a reason to live a life of ‘worksy-law.’ Such zeal and holy fervour may impress the religious but it has no life and is usually misguided and disjointed. The fact is that works are dead. They are without spirit and life which is the indwelling of Christ in you.
No good work, wise act or behaviour makes us a better person. They have no effect on our godliness or spirituality. These are external to our being and have no effect on who we are. Transformation and the comfort and peace of God comes exclusively from His spirit and life within. Either Christ is our life or we are not alive.
We overflow with Christ when He and only He is our life. Fullness in Christ means having all of Christ and living to the full in all He accomplished for us. This is the basis of the fullness of life in the church. We get to be the expression of Him as the church when we are alive in His gospel for the church.
There are legalistic Believers who have a measure of life due to grace. But this life comes in droplets rather than rivers and is a more dead tree with a few sprouts than a live oak. Where the Christ of God is there is life without limit. The big advance in real Godliness comes when we seek Jesus for Himself; when by the Spirit He becomes our life so that who we are and what we do is the expression of His life as ours. To be smothered in Jesus it to have life to the full. To be attached to the law is to be smothered. Christ our life is grace and the Spirit of Sonship. It's the difference between religion and life, between the shadow and the reality. The reality is Christ.
‘Therefore do not let anyone judge you by what you eat or drink, or with regard to a religious festival, a New Moon celebration or a Sabbath day. These are a shadow of the things that were to come; the reality, however, is found in Christ’ Col 2.16,17 NIV.