Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


Elder Gimble was offended. Kevin had drawn a picture of a surfer on the beach saying, ‘ I thank you Jesus that I am alive today to enjoy this surf, this sun, this blue sky and this beach. I THANK YOU THAT I AM!’ Kevin has put this on the youth noticeboard.

Brother Gimble found it improper and disrespectful to God. But Kevin was spiritual while Brother Gimble was religious. Kevin lived in union with God and was ONE WITH LIFE. But Brother Gamble lived in the dichotomies of religion. Brother Gimble was was always
so careful. We must be ‘so careful’ he would say. Brother Gamble was so careful that he smothered the Kingdom of God in religion.

Pastor Nilson was out on the harbour with His Son. They were riding a stiff breeze and the catamaran was slicing through the water, the other keel slicing through the sky. ‘Dad,’ His son shouted. Jesus would have enjoyed this!’ Indeed He would. Jesus is with us and in us. To be in Jesus is to be in life.

The spiritual men and women are people inhabited by Christ, indwelt by Father and ignited by Holy Spirit. Since Christ is their life and Christ is the logos in whom all creation is - people who are in Christ are one with life itself - one with creation. Yet not in a pious and painful way. They re living in life to the full because THIS LIFE IS THE PERSON OF JESUS.

These Believers worship in spirit and in truth. They impart spirit and life to all they touch and are surrounded by a spirit-atmosphere of spirit and life. Yet their are others, old covenant folks who minister surrounded by a cloud of death that is invisible to them and outside their spiritual senses. Sincere as they are and loving Jesus as they do they are not competent to minster the Kingdom of spirit and life.

The woman at the well asked Jesus if worshipping at Jerusalem was a must do. She might just as well have asked Him if it was ok to worship on Wednesday rather than Saturday or Thursday rather than Sunday. Jesus replied that true worshipers would worship in spirit and in truth because His worship would be their worship. They would worship in Him!

None contained in the separation of old covenant and law worship in spirit and in truth.

There is no secular world in the Kingdom of God and no sacred time restricted to a special sector of time or a special and unique place. These are shadows. Never the real. The reality is Christ and more - Christ in every way for you. Christ manifest as you! This is the new creation that Paul assured us was more important than all rites and observances. The new creation in person is the resurrected Jesus, the new Adam in whom we live in rest, peace in joyful creativity in union with God.

‘And this is the plan: At the right time he will bring everything together under the authority of Christ--everything in heaven and on earth’ Eph 1.10 NLT.

Everything already is one and together in Christ in the spirit. The hold up and road-block is so many of us living in His stuff instead of Jesus being our life. There is no separation in His Plan. Only union with God. In Jesus you and Father are one. The trinity lives in you and you are right now fellowshipping with the trinity.

Our part is to place anything under His feet that is not already there so that He is realised in our flesh. We do this by living in the union with God that is already ours. This transforms us, changes people we are with and makes all things new in the world. He is in you and fills the whole world with Himself through you. You are the sons and daughters of God.