Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


A son who lives a good life mostly does so because His life is modelled on his mother or his father. A good woman can often thank her mother and father for the example they were. Good people are genetically and spiritually the expression of parents of good character. Certainly the opposite can also be the case. As a high school teacher I taught many lovely students. But some were bent in character and not nice people. In most cases they were a reflection of parents of bent nature - parents who left something to be desired as good and gracious people.

Most of us can do bad things. Even if we are basically good people. But you will come across people from time to time who are intrinsically bad or more accurately ‘evil.’ Social science calls them a sociopath. God calls them wicked. In every case such evil has a source - an unrelenting, uncontrolled polluted heart arising from self-centredness.

God did not intend that we live from anything less than ourselves. Since He is I AM He created us to be sons in His own image. Thus we are to be lesser ‘I am’s’ who are His daughters and sons who live out their distinct identity and purpose in their unique design.


This is why the law of Moses was not an end in itself and why the knowledge of good and evil is absolutely inferior to Christ our life. His intention has always been that we live out of His Person to be a fully whole person. It is why the law is a schoolmaster to lead to Christ and why Christ does not live in to make us keepers of the law and a compilation of characteristics and qualities. He lives to impart to us the fullness of personhood which is the Spirit of Sonship.

To know God is not to know morality or to participate in some performance discipline. To know God is to experience Jesus Christ as our life and become sons who are fully persons even as the trinity are persons in the fullness of God. To know God as He is and to know yourself as you are is to know Jesus. It should not surprise us but to be a human being is to be a son in the fullest sense and that this sonship is ours in union with our Father.

Francois Du Toit writes, “The simplicity of the gospel is also its dynamic! The
only belief that matters, is what God believes! Jesus is what God believes! The faith of God has conquered the odds! One has died for all! Therefore all have
died! Just as it was appointed for man to die once and then face judgment, so Jesus died once and faced our judgment! Never to deal with sin again, but to reveal salvation! (Rom 1:16, 17, 2 Cor 5:14-21, Heb 9:27,28). None of the wise rulers of this age understood the simplicity of this mystery! In God’s economy, Jesus represents the human race! Without our permission
or contribution, God singlehandedly wrought our deliverance from the powers of death and hell!”

Jesus also delivered us from the non-life of living as a moral compilation and a string bag of virtues. As a person He has made us persons. Person who are daughters and sons living in the fullness of personhood which is the image of God. Because Christ lives in us we are the effect of His Spirit. Because God lives in us we are the sons and daughters of our Father. Because we and our Father are one He is revealed in us and we are who we are. Not some clone of religion or jesters in a game of trivial pursuit but sons of God in spirit and in truth.