Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you



In his book ‘Till We have Faces,’ C S Lewis urges that we can never be ourselves, know ourselves and see the real face of ourselves or each other in separation from God. He depicts the existence of ghostly beings who have sough identity and purpose apart from God. Depleted of their human essence they waft like wraiths without a real identity and minus the substance of the self. The opposite of life-giving spirits, they are examples of a body of death, even as they mumble unconvincingly about life.


Much that Lewis writes about the non-believing, God separated soul is true of the Christian person living in the old covenant mindset, in false separation from God. What we are in our minds we are in the real world and we make our worlds in conformity to our inner reality. This is why our theology needs to be God’s theology and accurate in concerning what He has achieved. We need to be living from His Word rather than a human centered perversion of it or a subtly devious revision. The result of separation is always the same – the death of the spirit and the eventual decease of the body.

Grace is God’s love applied. But grace abounds in order to lead us into truth and fullness. It’s not an excuse for us to remain in some private interpretation that sidelines the real grace that is Christ – Christ who stands for us and lives in us to manifest by His Spirit as our life. In new covenant truth we are in a real way the manifestation of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This is the effect of Christ come in our flesh.


In the law one can ‘evolve’ into a version of what it means to be human – like skeletons and rib-cages in the valley of dry bones. Or into some perverse hybrid as seen in movies like Prometheus and Alien Covenant. The images here might be seen as a parable of what we reproduce in separation from God – distortion in he name of life. Even if we allow that these images are drastic – we cannot escape the truth that living from the law leaves us insipid and perverse versions of ourselves. Lacking His spirit and life we are geldings when we might have been stallions.

‘For in Christ all the fullness of the Deity lives in bodily form’ Col 2.9 NIV. Fullness as the church grows from the fullness of the individual. Our trajectory into fullness is caused by Christ in us – Christ imparting Himself by His Spirit into our being. This achieves integration and wholeness as our humanity is ignited with the presence of God. Don’t expect to experience the wholeness of God as the church if we are still living as individuals in the bare bones of the law.


Law makes us less than we are. Christ our life makes us more than we are. Rick Joyner’s vision depicts zombie beings groping about, semi-paralysed and blind from eating the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. Any Gospel that makes the law the centre of the universe did not come from God. Any teaching that attempts to empower God’s people by means of greater attention to the law, to a pieces of the law, to regulations and to moral reform came not from the heart of God but from the Hub of Confusion. Jesus does bring transformation but it is the effect of His life as ours. Not us attempting to emulate His life. He is always life to the full and this is more than enough. Either Christ is our life or we are. One is the Kingdom of God. The other is the routine of religion and a continuation of the futility that came from the pit..