His Kingdom in you and the world

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A woman from our church, with whom I get on well and enjoy her company said, ‘Keith, we are quite different people.’ Of course we were. But this did not explain the contrast in our spirituality.

We were different because she lived in the old covenant and I live in the new.


The difference between the two covenants is union with God. The fall of Adam was undone at the cross. Unless we have adopted this as our own and have the mind of Christ on the covenants and what they mean for us we will not have possessed what is ours. The gift of union with God that is ours will not be ours. Like a Christmas gift that has been left under the tree unopened by us it will be our gift but a gift that we have not possessed.


We can belong to the Body of Christ notionally but not actually in this way. We can live in the shadow instead of the reality because we do not live in our union with God. We live in the illusion of separation because we have remain in the mindset of the law and old covenant. Belonging in this sense is more than an assertion or the citing of a scripture. It is a state of being that is our because we are no longer part of the Body of Death in Adam and Moses.


We have chosen Christ as our life – Christ not as a religion but we have chosen Christ to be ourselves.

As a result Jesus’ relationship to Father, Son and Holy Spirit is our relationship. We have agreed to our inclusion in the Family (body) of life. Believing in what God believes is the difference between life in the new creation and a life perpetuating the fall.


Belief has profound effects in the spiritual and natural world. Adam’s belief in Satan’s story changed his relationship to God, his relationship to himself and nature’s relationship to humanity. Nothing has changed. We need to choose the truth or live in the routine passivity of the lie. You owe it to yourself to follow the teaching of Jesus and the apostles so that you have Jesus’ gospel and not some novel concoction from a supposed revelation.


Living as a son, defined as you and our Father being one will have a profound effect on your person, your inner life, your body soul and spirit and your spiritual eye sight. You become one with God in spirit and in truth when you know you have experienced a change in your state of being. Richard Rohr writes,

“Nondual thinking or contemplation is a sign that you have found the Absolute, but it is far beyond any words or ideas. A new "Law" puts all other laws and criteria into an utterly new perspective. This is the dangerous freedom Paul is talking about in Galatians 3 and 5. Only some kind of authentic God experience, or True Transcendence, grounds you in nonduality. Why? Because you have encountered the One, God, or naked Being Itself, which breaks open and is beyond all mental and expected boundaries.”

You and the Father are one. When this is so in spirit and in truth you live in God and are one with God in you being – not in your head. Once we enter this reality we have been born again.