His Kingdom in you and the world

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We should understand that to be born again is to lose our life in Adam and gain our life in Jesus. This is the Light.


Jesus is the light of the world. Truth is known and seen in Him. Jesus not only teaches us where to look, He teaches us how to see. The ‘how’ of seeing life, light and the Gospel of the Kingdom is seen through the ‘Jesus Lens’. In Him we are able to discern false gospels from the real Gospel.

‘In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind’ John 1.4.NIV.


You will not know the truth, the real Gospel or the real Jesus through the law.

A ‘law constructed’ gospel is a reductionist version of what Jesus has done for all. The atonement is about relationship and the spirit and life inherent in God and our sonship. If the atonement is only a judicial acquittal it has more to do with abstractions than it does with real persons and real life.

However reality is defined and explained in the person of Christ. As a result wholeness, righteousness and healing flow to us through His life – not as an abstraction but as Christ in us and more – as the trinity who have made their home in us and with us.

In the law we can become a religious abstraction. With Christ as our life we become a son/daughter.


The gospel of Christ our life is one in which the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. As a result the order of the universe that John cites as
the logos is the living word of God, who is the purpose and proper functioning of existence. Paul calls this the law of the spirit of life. It is clear from this that the law is both a person and the persons of the trinity and that we participate as sons in this order by believing God and agreeing with His Son that we belong. Further we are in its fabric of love, acceptance and life when we have agreed with Jesus that we have been drawn into His life and relationship.


Jesus is our mediator and our intercession. He is the vicarious representative of us.

Kettler writes, “
The atonement of Jesus Christ consists of the healing and reconciling effect of his entire life, reaching its climax in his death. This life becomes healing as it takes root deep in our ontological existence, leaving no part of the human person unexposed by the light of the vicarious life of Christ. In this life, the heart of the Father is made manifest, proclaiming the amazing love of God toward sinners: the forgiveness of sins.” (1)

In Jesus we have the forgiveness of sins and the impartation of His healing. We have this because as He says, we are not orphans because He lives in us and with us by the Spirit.

To make a thing out of times and days in this age is to go off on a tangent and demonstrate to ourselves and others that we have missed the point in what God in Jesus has done and is doing in us by sharing Himself into our being. In Jesus we are released from religiosity into life itself.

1) Kettler, Christian D.. The Breadth and Depth of the Atonement: The Vicarious Humanity of Christ in the Church, the World, and the Self: Essays, 1990–2015 (p. 16). Pickwick Publications, an Imprint of Wipf and Stock Publishers. Kindle Edition.