His Kingdom in you and the world

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Knowing God’s love is the result of revelation. It comes to us from a passion for life and because God’s life is personal and will be known for what it is.

A pedestrian acceptance of religious routine will never reveal this life, nor will the anaesthesia of blind ‘faith.’ Much less the practice of a mission to maintain a denomination and its beliefs. Should we be satisfied with an institutionalised religious life we may see God’s love in a glass darkly. When Christ is our life we will know it and share deeply in its nurture.


We enter God’s love and know Him as He is by knowing what God knows. This comes by intuition and from searching out sound doctrine. Sound Christian teaching is never found in a frame work of the knowledge of good and evil. It’s the result of a choice to live in God. We begin as human beings in the former mode of knowledge. Jesus leads us out of this incompleteness into the fullness of our inheritance: Union with God. Jeff Turner writes,


Learning of God’s grace was not the fluffy, cotton candy-ish, rainbows and unicorns experience that many portray it as being. It was quite painful. Not because His love pained me, but because the process of unlearning and then relearning was beautifully traumatic. It’s difficult to come face to face with the fact that you’ve had anything, let alone God, figured wrong, and especially so when you’ve spent a good portion of your time communicating your misunderstandings to others. I’m all too well acquainted with the fact that, while lost in my own misunderstandings of God, I hurt, wounded and ostracized many people. Seeing that it was all for nothing and that I’d brought such harm to innocent souls for no good reason was…well, painful to say the least.” (1)

It comes as a jolt to learnt that we have spent much of our lives teaching what is not the Kingdom of God and binding people instead of loosing people. But this was the experience of Saul who became Paul and the path of all who follow Jesus out of Adam and Moses into Jesus, our Father and Holy Spirit.


Entering a state of being in which we become a person who has moved from mere ‘belief or belonging systems’ to the actual inner experience of God is our rebirth from the old into the new way where Jesus Himself is our life and we live in union with God. This is the real new birth as compared to a religious new birth in which we gave up some bad deeds and attempt to live a life of good ones.


The old birth which is the old religion is a kind of contract people have going in which they attempt to earn favour and intimacy with God by shaping up on a continual basis. But this is not our inheritance. Our inheritance since the cross and Pentecost is Jesus is us. This is life in the Spirit and it is ours by incarnation. It’s the Lord’s Table – which is the sign and the reminder that this is how we live since the ascension of Jesus. Those who eat Him in the Spirit will live because of Him – because Jesus is their life since He has come in their flesh.

(1) Turner, Jeff. Saints in the Arms of a Happy God: Recovering the Image of God and Man (p. 10). Jeff Turner. Kindle Edition.