His Kingdom in you and the world

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Kelly Maestro writes of Nietzsche, “He understood that human beings are worshipful creatures, creatures who cannot bear to exist in the absence of one or another construct of meaning, that this longing after some kind of meaning is a basic and irreducible characteristic of human nature…we are creatures perpetually bound to seek after the meaning and value of our own lives.


What we believe gives meaning and value to our lives determines what we become. This is true and particularly relevant to our ‘knowing’ of God. To know God as God is, is to grow in our humanity and in a humanness that is a reflecti0n of God. Who we are is the fruit of what we believe. To have a crooked god is to make a crooked you and a bent I.


Since we are sons and daughters of God – God’s progeny we honour God and bless ourselves by being who we are to the ultimate in Him – and not some pygmy likeness and faulty rendition that we have become because we were satisfied with a dodgy gospel. We stick with our limited God and limited gospel. Because we are too careless to embrace the fullness of our inheritance in a God who is real or because we so naïve that we allowed ourselves to be schooled in errors about God in a gospel that is parody of the truth. A parody because it is a variant of the lies that flowed from the fall.


Thomas Torrance puts it well. “Since it is only through himself that God reveals himself, God himself is the personal content of his revelation to us embodied in Jesus Christ his incarnate Son. Since it is only through himself that communion with God is accessible to us, God himself is the personal reality of that communion granted to us in the Holy Spirit.” (1)

Both you and God are revealed as you are in Jesus Christ. God is so to speak personified in you in your creation and your redemption. It is the being of God, the personification of God in His triune form that that makes us what we are and who we are. What we are as sons/daughter and who we are as beings with a spirit, soul and body.

You can live your religion like a visionless accountant whose narrow reality is his credit and debit columns or you can live in the expectation that you will breathe life into all you meet and everything you TOUCH BECAUSE YOU ARE ACTUALLY ALIVE in God and alive as a self who is a son/daughter of God releasing visionary and creative words and schemes into the world.

By means of the cross God has undone the lie, the lie that we are not enough and paved the way for us to be sons/daughters in spirit and truth to be imbued with the kind of spirit and life that makes us much better than ‘undead’ but fully alive with the infinite life that flows in the river that is Christ is our life.

(1) Torrance, Thomas F.. The Christian Doctrine of God, One Being Three Persons (T&T Clark Cornerstones) (p. 59). Bloomsbury Publishing. Kindle Edition.