His Kingdom in you and the world

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Christ in you is the Godliness of You.

Any ‘gospel’ that is mainly sin management is not the Gospel of the Kingdom. A gospel consisting mainly of ‘behavior modification is not Christ’s Gospel. ‘Moralism’ is not the Gospel of Jesus and Paul and neither is any form of legalism. God’s Kingdom is not a religion. It’s the person of Jesus multiplied as people.


The truth of the Gospel of the Kingdom – which is the incarnation, is that it has nothing to do with the law and everything to do with Christ manifesting as His people.

This Kingdom is nothing of the law because post cross life is not a continuation of Adam’s knowledge of good and evil or Moses Ten Commandments.*


The restoration of Prince Rilian in Lewis’s Silver Chair occurs when he starts to live in the reality of who he is as king instead of an debilitated prisoner in an underworld dungeon.


Religion is a fantasy and Christ our life is the reality of post cross life. Jesus is not with us by the Spirit to promote religion. He is in us and with us to multiply Himself in Joe and Jean and all who take His Name.


The illusion that religion is ‘it’ is well illustrated by this selection from The Silver Chair.

“This time it didn’t come into her head that she was being enchanted, for now the magic was in its full strength; and of course, the more enchanted you get, the more certain you feel that you are not enchanted at all.

She found herself saying (and at the moment it was a relief to say): “No. I suppose that other world must be all a dream.” “Yes. It is all a dream,” said the Witch, always thrumming. “Yes, all a dream,” said Jill. “There never was such a world,” said the Witch. “No,” said Jill and Scrubb, “never was such a world.” (1)


The ‘other world’ that is the real world is the world in which the trinity is expressed in us and as us. Sons are a manifestation of our Father.

The shadow is the world of religion, supported by the notion that Jesus came to instigate a religion. The ‘other world’ that is the real world is the new creation that springs up wherever Christ is our life. The fantasy world is the one in which people believe Jesus is with us and the Spirit is in us to promote Christianity, religion and a self-centred moralism.


‘Many deceivers, who do not acknowledge Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh, have gone out into the world. Any such person is the deceiver and the antichrist’ 2 John 1.7 NIV.

The Religious Spirit, alias the spirit of ant-christ denies the reality of the incarnation as the Real Word. It may even make ‘a thing’ out of Holy Spirit and the gift while containing itself in Adam’s enchanted tree and Moses laws written on rocks. It insinuates, like the Witch in The Silver Chair with gracious subtleties and beauteous charms, that the law and it’s legalisms is the real way - the way of practicality and substance.

The author of The Shack drew our attention to the reality that is our in union with the trinity by a work of fiction. Many received it as the water of life. But many religionists got really mad because what they held dear had been robbed of its artifice and replaced with companionship with God – with God come in the flesh. Sometimes it takes a work of fiction to propel us into the real world.


Back to the Silver Chair. Once Prince Rilian with the assistance of Scrubb and Pole have escaped the coils of the now materialised serpent, Rilian declares, “This is undoubtedly the same worm that I pursued in vain by the fountain in the forest of Narnia, so many years ago. All these years I have been the slave of my mother’s slayer.”

Indeed. This is the ‘worm’ that brought death to our Mother Eve and the ‘worm’ that perpetuates the fall and the underground realm of unlife in the guise of ‘other gospels.’


It’s the kind of religion in which Christ has not come by the Spirit in the flesh. But the flesh come in the flesh. That un-rested self-effort that is the law of the knowledge of good and evil. The law that is a lie but never the life that is spirit and life.

* There are people who because of Paul’s assertion in Gal. 2.21, think that Paul got it wrong. If he did then Jesus got it wrong as well. Don’t be among those who seek to bend Jesus light to your version of ‘light.’

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