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If the personalities and issues of our time tell us anything, it is that what counts is not evidence but what people want to believe. Donald Trump continually blurts out vacuous nothings. He invents his own reality all the while accusing others of marketing ‘false facts.’ It’s curious that he who had so much to say about ‘crooked Hillary’ is as bent and as shifty as he continually reveals himself to be.

Not that this worries those who voted him into office. Curious that he is in the White House with the support of sectors of American Christianity. Which prompts us to wonder just what kind of christianity it is. One that is in thrall to the idol of Capitalism some would argue.


Populists, who have never applied themselves in any disciplined way to informed thinking want us to believe that their ‘common sense’ is the solution. Ignorance is never bliss. Not all who talk because they can are lacking in intelligence or education. Some are not easily designated stupid, although one might argue that voting a puff-ball of poor character and incompetence into office is nothing
other than stupid.


Today masses of people deny climate change* and the reasons for it, busying themselves with solutions** that have no impact on the causes of it - because they choose to cover their eyes and stop their ears from admitting an unpalatable truth. This is the truth that ‘Humans are destroying the earth’ which in most case means, ‘We are destroying the earth.’ But of course it’s easier to bleat about sexual immorality than doing anything of substance that effects our standard of living. We might have to make a slight sacrifice by altering our life-styles. But we all will be better off if we move to renewables.

The fact, is that there are solutions for the causes of climate change that would create wealth and preserve the earth and be much cheaper than present modes of power generation. There are ways of utilising renewables for base-load power. But what hinders their adoption seems to be humbug – the same kind of humbug and bloody-mindedness that opposed the first steam engines.


The other blockage is the veneration of things old and the greed of vested interests. It’s a cultural form of
hoarding. The Greedy really do believe that ‘greed is good’ and he insecure really are looking for security in their idol of the status quo. Those who deny climate change are not always the dim and uneducated. They are the educated who are savvy enough to maintain their selfish prerogatives under the name of ‘jobs and growth.’

The humbug and confusion of Babylon and Egypt is a fact of our time. Many will not believe the truth because they do not want to. Because as God said through Paul, ‘They traded the truth about God for a lie. So they worshiped and served the things God created instead of the Creator himself, who is worthy of eternal praise! Amen.’ Romans 1.25 NLT.

At its core this kind of denial is a spiritual problem.


Since Pentecost, God has had in place a new and living way regenerating society and the earth. This way is profoundly simple and so transformational that it is called the new creation. It is Christ in you, the trinity in us all, incarnated so that from within human beings are no longer mere human beings but sons of God and life-giving spirits with the power to ignite things and institutions with the life that flows through them as a stream that comes from life-hub of the universe – the trinity.

The genius of the incarnation is that heaven gets to be reproduced on earth. Spirituality is not just stuff you do in church. Spirituality is the new creation realised in ways of being creative in industry, economy and society. It is a great folly to pose as the party of innovation when you do everything you can to oppose new ways of energy generation and effective ways of halting the destruction of farms, forests and food production by drought, fire and flood.


We are talking about the new covenant way of regeneration; of heaven coming to earth as the nature of God is manifest in individuals and society.

But to access this some of us must abandon much of what we call our faith – our reliance on old covenant mindsets and a form of religion that dumbs down the life and authority of the trinity in us and more – the trinity expressed as us.

That which is touted as the Kingdom of God in many places is Christianity, but much of it is not the Kingdom of God. It is the continuation of The Fall supposedly with Jesus’ help.

Believers need to know that we are not separated from God. There are no hoops to jump through to attain union with God. We have it. We don’t need a ‘Christian Industry’ to mediate salvation and develop masses of dependent consumers. We just need to believe that Christ is our life.


We need people who know that they as sons and daughters of God are the manifestation of God. Richard Rohr writes,


Faith is a word that points to an initial opening of the heart space or the mind space from our side. Initially and foundationally, this is all that faith is, but its effects and implications can be enormous. Faith is our small but necessary offering to any new change or encounter. Such an opening or re-opening is entirely necessary to help you make fresh starts or break through to new levels. You normally have to let go of the old and go through a stage of unknowing or confusion, before you can move to another level of awareness or new capacity.” (1)


Some of the theologies are distortions of the truth of who God is and who we are in Him. Some theologies are not just variations in emphasis. They are another gospel. And some in this category are institutionalised lies. Rather than continuing as blind guides we have another option. Rather than spending our lives attempting to fit the facts to ‘our theology’, we need to change our theology and align it with that of God.

* There is a causal link between climate change denial, government paralysis on meaningful action and the burning of Eastern Australia in summer 2019-20.
** PUMPED HYDRO is only a solution if we assume that it will continue to rain. The fact is that it does not rain to the extent it once did. Dams only exist if there are rivers of water to run into them. Rainfall is increasingly erratic seen by its absence as drought or by it surplus as floods. In both cases climate change is the cause. The cause of this is the warming of the oceans and the atmosphere.
(1) Rohr, Richard. The Naked Now: Learning to See as the Mystics See (pp. 116-117). The Crossroad Publishing Company. Kindle Edition.
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