His Kingdom in you and the world

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The truth about a life with God is that we can have as much or as little as we like. Not that we should be satisfied with a play-lunch when we have access to a dinner. We need to be aware that those who eat Jesus live because of Jesus. This is not some cannabalistic piety but it is living in what the Lord’s Table represents - the fact that we become one substance with God in Jesus Christ. This is the core of an excellent life in God - the banquet that is the Lord’s Table.


The result is that those who have will have more and those who do not have (because they are not interested) are in danger of losing what they have - which in many cases is not all that much. When we live in the law we dont have much - some cutlery rather than a meal.


We live in this oneness with God by living the incarnation.

“Through Christ and in the Spirit God has communicated himself to us in such a wonderful way that we may really know him and have communion with him in his inner life as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. ... This means that owing to the atoning reconciliation which God has worked out in Jesus Christ in the midst of our human historical existence, he has established an intimate two-way relation between himself and us and us and himself, making himself accessible to us and giving us entry into the inner fellowship of his divine Life by allowing us to share in God’s own eternal Spirit.” (1) To share in God’s own eternal spirit is to become fully human and fully alive.

This is the kind of enjoyment with God that Psalmist David lived. Yet any Believer in this hour can have more than David had because God, by the Spirit of Christ has woven Himself in our being. Adamic separation is over - union with God is yours.


Some Believers make do with a religious routine because they insist on not letting God interfere with their life. Thus it suits them to restrict God to church, Sunday and Easter.
Other’s dont know any better. They have been taught that godliness is doing with the result that they have become compulsive ‘doers’ to gain God. God has not called us to be Mother Theresa but He has called us to be Ben and Mary filled with His Spirit to impart the spirit of the trinity to all who we touch.

We can have an anointing without living from new covenant oneness with God. But this is like getting a steering wheel in your car when you have not got an engine.


‘Jesus replied, "Anyone who loves me will obey my teaching. My Father will love them, and we will come to them and make our home with them’ John 14.23 NIV. Jesus’ teaching is that He is our life in every way.

In Jesus we have union with God in ourselves and where we are. We are one with Jesus since because of Him, we have His relationship with Himself. There’s nothing convoluted about this. Many folks attempt to get themselves worthy of Jesus so that they can participate in the salvation and life of Jesus, which is a double -dutch kind of thing, given that it is Jesus who is our salvation, our life and our union with God in person. It’s like a need to be my own savior so that I can have the benefit of having a savior.

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