His Kingdom in you and the world

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Theosis is about our expression as sons of God, of the divine nature. It’s about union with God. It is this union that is the foundation of the Kingdom of God and the unfolding new creation.

This is the union with God that makes us whole and the world whole.


I have friends and colleagues in the church who know that the realm of the Spirit is real; that the Holy Spirit is real and active and that demonic spirits are real and have influence. Jack told me that at his workplace for about an hour after lunch one day there was dysfunction and chaos in the office. Not because of any lack of ability or malfeasance on the part of personnel. He perceived that it was caused by evil spirits making chaos because they have an interest in ‘spoiling’. I believe him.

The realm of the spirit is primary and has authority over matter. Primitive societies may exaggerate, but they are not wrong in attributing the arrangement of certain events in our world at times to the influence of spirits.


In Christ we have authority under him over spirits. While the scripture says we were ‘made a little lower than the angels’, this is not totally correct. We were made sons of God subordinate only to the Son of God. Our present subordinate state to angels is not our original state. In Christ we have authority over evil spirits.


But evil spirits are not my topic. Union with God, life in the Spirit and the Holy Spirit is my topic. We have oneness with God as a result of the cross, the atonement, the incarnation. We may put this oneness and the authority it wields into effect in the agency of Holy Spirit. There’s a reason why Jesus urges, ‘You will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be My witnesses both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and even to the remotest part of the earth’ Acts 1.8.


A gospel that is entirely the Spirit and miracles is not Jesus Gospel or that of the apostles. Christ in you is the apostles teaching. The anointing and the gifts are not to be deployed separate to the incarnation. They are a new covenant gift that is the fruit of the union with God achieved. For us by Jesus. In an old covenant mindset they have no root, cannot be sustained and are not the Kingdom Jesus began.

We are fortified to witness for Christ when we are alive in the incarnation and when anointed with the Holy Spirit. There were miracles in old testament times but there was no incarnation, no life in the Spirit and no Kingdom of God. The Kingdom is ourselves rooted in Christ our life.


Nevertheless Holy Spirit has agency that must not be neglected. “Torrance is able, in the trinitarian construct, to give space to the Spirit as the one who brings creation to its destined end or telos. This implies that the Spirit is the Spiritus Vivificans who works not only in the church but throughout the entire world, bringing order out of chaos as in the first creation account, and bringing all things to their providential end – communion (theosis) with God.” (1)

Heaven invades earth because earth has been made one with heaven in the person of Jesus Christ. We have authority with God and not as marketers of religion when live in our oneness with Christ and speak spirit and life in His Name. The importance of oneness is that we do not remain as crippled healers. We undergo healing and are drawn into wholeness in our union with Father. One with Father, Jesus and the Spirit we become whole and robust sons, with authority not as the scribes.

(1) Myk Habets in Thomas Torrance and the Theme of Theosis.