His Kingdom in you and the world

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Life has parts. It has them in your life and in the Pattern of History.

You may have noticed that the Gospel of the Kingdom follows the era of the law. It does not precede it and once it is in place it does not lead back to the law. Law is in fact a function of the knowledge of good and evil and an artifact of the fall. In the history of salvation it belongs to the first part of life and in our life journey it is where we start, but not meant to be where we finish. New birth is our leap from law into communion with God and from religion into oneness with God.


The life God has on offer is a banquet – the Lord’s Table. It is not some proprietary truth, obscure revelation or some gnostic understanding. Christ’s life is universal and their for all who will come to the Table. It’s infinite life. Not a life cut up into dichotomies and compartments. In Christ we are in life because life is in us.

Kingdom life is not religious. A genuine life in God is not one of pieties, virtue signally or the conceits and artifacts of religion. Kingdom life is Christs life expressed as our life – all of it.


Children are usually concrete thinkers. The advance from locked and concrete modes of thinking to conceptual thinking marks the transition from childhood to adulthood.


As we advance in our journey it becomes apparent that spirituality is less an intellectual pursuit and more our entering into a state of being – of being one with God. In the incarnation we realise our inheritance of oneness with God, relax into a Sabbath rest in Christ and enjoy the adventure of being an expression of Jesus Christ and a manifestation of the trinity.


As has been suggested, law has a place. Richard Rohr observes, “Law, tradition, and boundaries—what I call ‘Order’—seem to be necessary in any spiritual system both to reveal and to limit our basic egocentricity. Such containers make at least some community, family, and marriage possible. Boundaries seem to be the only way that human beings can find a place to stand, a place to begin, a place from which to move out. Even those who think they don’t have any boundaries usually do. We discover them when we trespass against them. The human soul flourishes on solid ground, especially in the first years of life.


“As Paul belabours in his Letter to the Romans (see especially chapters 2–7), the law is given for the sake of information, education, and transformation, but is not itself enlightenment. Even though allegiance to boundaries, limits, and laws is almost universally confused with religion and even salvation itself, “the law will not save anyone” (Galatians 3:11). Law has to do with the pattern of how transformation happens—and that’s all. The struggle with boundaries and law creates the wrestling ring, but is not, itself, the encounter or the victory.”

In Christ we graduate from the school of law into life itself. When we make this transition it is because we have embraced the treasure in the field, the pearl of great price that is
Christ our life. It’s a treasure because now life is expressed as us on account of Jesus incarnate in our being.


But what does Scripture say? "Get rid of the slave woman and her son, for the slave woman's son will never share in the inheritance with the free woman's son’” Gal 4.30 NIV.

The Free Woman’s sons are the son of God – sons of the Bride of Christ. The Bride is she (the church) who has come forth from the side of Christ. Union, oneness, communion and a flow of spirit and life manifesting in us, is the essence of the Bride’s post cross life in God.


Some believers never emerge from the law. They even make a religion out of it. This leaves them undeveloped as persons and limits their sonship to what Paul describes as workaholism and slavery. He says in Galatians that children of the law will never enter their inheritance. This inheritance is a fullness of sonship by the One Spirit, which is sonship in spirit and in truth. Jesus in conversation with the woman at the well implied that genuine worship was to be daughters and sons in this mode of oneness, which is spirit and truth. Spirit and truth is an authentic state of being in which we are alive in our proper place of union with God.