His Kingdom in you and the world

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As sons of God we are on the way to healing. Progressing from glory to glory is the adventure in real life of becoming a real person in the Person of Jesus. This is to say that when Christ is our life we are in God and in God we take on God’s wholeness, holiness and unity of personhood.
Of course we are real persons as people, just as a diseased person is real, yet not themselves. Jesus has made us one with Himself so that we can become who we really are as sons/daughters of God.
Did you know that you can live your entire life as an intellectually, law-based Believer and as a result never become your real self. It takes Christ our life (incarnation) for we to be us.
Jesus healed lots of people for a reason. That reason is that He loves people. Another reason is that wholeness of the body ministers to wholeness of the spirit and the soul.
The most important reason is that healing of eyes and limbs is a sign of the healing of our relationship with God. Adam’s separation has been undone and we enter the communion with God that Jesus enjoys in His trinitarian life. We are not of course deities but we are sons and daughters of God and our inheritance in Jesus is to live in this state of being - a state in which we are interwoven with the being of God.
Be sceptical of ‘gospels’ that downgrade miracles of healing and signs. Be particularly wary of gospels that criticise the healing of disease on the ground that this is an emphasis on ‘experience.’ As though experience is something foreign to Godliness. Sadly these people might be said to live from the experience of the absence of God – or a God without any real content as God. Paul warned of forms of godliness without power. Godliness is more than an attitude. It is the experience of God in real life.
Blessed of those who have not seen
but have believed. Of course our union with God is real whether we have seen the miraculous or not. Nevertheless Jesus did a lot of healings and the fact remains that they are a mighty evangelistic tool. I have observed that communities in which healing is a reality are usually more alive with agency than those whose main aim is the perpetuation of their church as an institution. Jesus does not live to impart life to institutionalism. He lives to multiply His life – all of it to us.
Torrance makes this observation on the wholeness of God. “
In the Creator himself, Word, Person and Act are one and undivided, but in the creature this is not so. Our word is different from our act, and our act is not personal in itself.
Our speech and our action do not coincide in the unity and power of our person. Act and person, word and person, word and act, while not unrelated, are all separate. With God this is not the case, for his Word and his Act belong inseparably to the self-subsistence of his Person.
What he speaks takes effect of itself, for it is fulfilled in the power of his Person, the power by which he is what he is and by which he lives his personal Life in absolute self-sufficiency and freedom. His power to act is no other than the power of his Person or the power of his Word. He is in his Person identical with his Word, and his Word is identical with his Act
.” (1)
This is the point of the spirit of sonship. It is that as daughters and sons we take on the harmony of being that is our Father. We become ‘sons’ in spirit and in truth by growing into the I AMNESS of God.
Be alert to the truth that Godliness is more than sin management and moralism. It really is participating in the Divine Nature. But not through the law as the separationist legalistic heresy would have it. Godliness is ours because we have been given oneness with God. The Godly know this and live in what is already theirs.

(1) Torrance, Thomas F.. The Christian Doctrine of God, One Being Three Persons (T&T Clark Cornerstones) (p. 40). Bloomsbury Publishing. Kindle Edition.