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Years ago I read an excellent book entitled The Search For Meaning. In it one of the writers opined that spiritual truth was not usually found in ‘either or statements’ but ‘both and statements’. This aligns with theme of these posts that eternal life is found in being and not in doing. By which we assert that our life as sons of God is found in the being of Christ and not in ourselves and our doings.

Being rooted in Christ does effect what we do however, which is why Jesus calls Himself the Vine and ourselves the branches.


Fundamentalism, a version of legalism treats the words of God as if they are God. The words of scripture point beyond themselves to a greater reality than the letters on paper. Legalism cannot help making reality smaller than it is.


I was thinking recently about dualism and spirituality and how dualism can explain the events of the physical world and of religion and any ‘externality’ reasonable well. But dualism cannot explain the meaning of spirituality and if it can its certain that what is being spoken of as spiritual is not actually so. It is religious. Religion can be a corridor to life but religion is not actually alive. Anyone that is alive has a real link to the trinity. This is the life-hub of the universe.


It's a yes or know. It’s I will leave your gift to me in the ground because I’d sooner believe in myself or embrace your gift of your person as my life.

Dualistic and non-dualistic thinking is relevant to a life in God nonetheless. We either accept Christ’s invitation to participate in His life or we don’t. People can reject eternal life. But then again Believers can believe in degrees, which is to say that if we hunger for life and want more than routine Christianity, our life in God will be an adventure in which we increase in THE REVELATION of who God is and become more fully sons and daughters ourselves in spirit and in truth.


There’s a difference in those who take a Bible study on the spirit of sonship and those who are actually sons. The latter release spirit and life.

Non-dualism and its implied oneness with God explains more about Godliness than does religion. Non-dualism tells us that unless we are born again, we will not make sense of this post or
discern the Kingdom of God.*

If we believe Jesus Christ is our saviour, we belong. But our mode of belonging varies according to our oneness with the Gospel of Christ as it is and not how it may have been presented to us. This makes it possible to exist as a member of the Body of Christ as a fully functioning organ or as a tumour. Christ’s Gospel which is the apostles teaching is life-multiplying. Distorted gospels are life-denying and crippling, functioning like a disease in one’s being.%


In the age of the Church Father’s
Arianism was the greatest threat to fullness in Christ. In our age it is legalism of which there are various kinds – the most obvious being a doctrinal attachment to the law and the more subtle and pervasive being the notion of salvation by Christianity.

This is why the Kingdom of God is not a religion but a person and specifically is it the person of Jesus Christ. When Paul speaks of Christ our life and declares that Christ is all and in all, this is not an endorsement of Christianity as a religion. It’s not about utilising Jesus to live a religious or even a spiritual life. It’s about Jesus becoming you.

It’s about Christ as the living way that is incarnation. This is the trinity in us and manifesting as Mark and Jane. The most subtle illusion, far more subtle and extensive than the two heresies above is the illusion that Jesus came to start and maintain Christianity. Not really. He came to multiply Himself as you, George and every Believer.


Thomas Torrance identifies this oneness with God that is ours in Christ. “
In Jesus Christ, who was born of Mary and suffered under Pontius, God himself had come into the world in order to be one of us and one with us and reveal himself to us, and that in the one Person of Jesus Christ God and man are inseparably united for us and our salvation. The New Testament does not present Christ in contrast to God or alongside of God, or argue from one to the other.” (1)


Christ is fully God and fully us. In Him we are united in fellowship and being with the trinity and as such we are the sons of God. Because Christ is your life you are a manifestation of God and as such are fully you. No dualism here. There’s no Christ plus Christianity. There’s Christ your life. Christ multiplied as us is the church built without human hands. Christ multiplied in the whole world is the new creation Kingdom of God.

* This is why people attached to the law have such appalling spiritual discernment.
% We can make a big deal out of the anointing and the gifts of the Holy Spirit, yet not realise that our gospel is not the Gospel of Jesus and our Christ is not the Christ of God. Here the Believer is operating in a ‘firmament’ that is not the Kingdom of God.
(1) Torrance, Thomas F.. The Christian Doctrine of God, One Being Three Persons (T&T Clark Cornerstones) (p. 115). Bloomsbury Publishing. Kindle Edition.