His Kingdom in you and the world

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Religion is a more subtle and diffuse version of the law. Avoid a spirituality that is not spiritual but religious, because it presents itself as externalities. They are appealing to the religious mind but not persuasive to the spiritual mind of Christ in us. As Dr Gordon Moyes wrote some years ago in his book Discovering Jesus, Christianity is not a religion. It’s a person. To be more exact what Jesus gave us is an INCARNATION.


The cross is the gate to our new birth and our transition from the false self to the real self. Jesus is the Door and the Way, which is why we need not fear the radicalism of ultra-grace which is life in the Spirit as much as we do. Our death in Him is smaller than the limitless life that awaits in resurrection in Him – life that is best described as ‘infinite.’


The baptism that we do in church is a sign. The greater reality to which the sign points is our death to Adamic life and our resurrection in Jesus’ life. This is not the beginning of a life of copying Jesus. It’s the start of His life as our life. The new wineskin that Jesus has given us is not a new and clever way to do law and religion. It’s the new way in which He becomes us.


It’s not so bad to find that what our parents taught us is not the Christ’s Gospel. The offloading of nonsense is the way of human advancement in every sphere. We can live a life of reflexive rationalisations to keep out the truth if we choose. People do. But what remains will be either not life at all or only a few drops of it.


The false self spontaneously erects fictions in which we are contained and which provide the illusion that our beliefs can be justified and that we are living a full life. These fictions are a major part of some folks religion. Grace ensures that we are not totally crippled in fictions. But we do live in drops of living water instead of rivers. Richard Rohr observes

“Whenever you are fearing death, physical death or death of some ego fixation, or using diversionary tactics of any kind, you are in your False Self at that moment. Again, it is not usually bad or evil, but just inadequate to the big questions of love, death, suffering, God, or any notion of infinity. God allows and uses all our diversionary tactics to get us to the full destination.” In The Immortal Diamond.

You have a real self that is who we are when Christ is our life and we are not. When we are we are able to say and be, ‘Now we are the sons of God.’