His Kingdom in you and the world

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Writing in the preface to the first edition of the Epistle To the Romans, Karl Barth asserts that, “My whole energy of interpreting has been expended in an endeavour to see through and beyond history into the spirit of the Bible, which is the Eternal Spirit... If we rightly understand ourselves, our problems are the problems of Paul; and if we be enlightened by the brightness of his answers, those answers must be ours…The understanding of history is an uninterrupted conversation between the wisdom of yesterday and the wisdom of to-morrow. And it is a conversation always conducted honestly and with discernment …It is certain that in the past men who hungered and thirsted after righteousness naturally recognized that they were bound to labour with Paul.” (1)


Integrity is the f0undation of sound theology because Christian theology that is any good has an obsession with truth. We cannot simply make it up on the gr0und that we have some new revelation or because we have a tradition of old but distorted truth. Knowing God and our life in His life is not about any partisan doctrine. Nor is the truth about God and ourselves to be advanced by an addiction to pumping up inherited ideas or our clinging to a denominational perspective to which we think we are entitled. Entitled because we think it clothes us with an imagined status and identity.


John and Paul unveil the Gospel of the Kingdom which is the new creation in the post cross age. John’s prologue is couched in the atmosphere of the original creation with the coming of the light and the joining of life and light in the One Person of Jesus - who counteracts the lies of the father of lies by revealing to us His intimate knowledge of our Father and becoming the Way to the Father in Himself. John signals the beginning of the new creation in Jesus Christ.

John has cited the fact of Christ’s logos. Paul declares that all life finds its being in Christ, that it came forth from Him and finds its destiny in Him. Human communities and the biosphere are sourced in Jesus who is the undoing of Adam, the putting to death of death and the Firstborn from the dead. Jesus is the Reconciler between man and God, between all people and all things. (Col 1.1-19 NIV).


It’s common for conservative governments to define government as not doing much; as not doing anything that really matters, which means not actually governing. Just occupying positions of power while monopolising the economy for the benefit of their mates.

We are not like this in the Kingdom. If we are of the apostolic tradition we will labour with Paul to reveal what it means for Christ to be our life.’ We will live to explain how this life of Christ as us is not religion. Not religion because it is not a continuation of the knowledge of good and evil in Christian clothes. It is Christ come in our flesh to be us personally and us as the church and the new creation Kingdom of God.