His Kingdom in you and the world

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Holiness and wholeness is less about a to do list and more about identity – God’s and yours.

The insinuation that led to the fall was that Adam and Eve were not enough. So they were lured into adding to themselves. The same delusion is being proffered as good religion today. The new covenant and incarnation are not enough goes the lie. So you must add something yourself. Put in a bit law. Add a rite. Do a routine. With some it’s Christ plus. With others it’s a try-harder gospel. All of this is the fall revisited and our resurrection in Christ ignored.

The question Believers need to ask themselves is, ‘Is mu identity in Adam or is it in Christ?


Most people want to be themselves. They long to be themselves and not a clone of someone else. There is an innate glory in ourselves. The real self is who we are, as born from the trinity and who we are becoming as redeemed in Christ into our sonship. You will never be a clone if Jesus is your life. You will be the you that was conceived before the foundation of the world and the you that is coming into being as your persona in the omega that is Christ.

Your foundation and your destiny is Christ in you. We sell ourselves short if we live out an intellectualised belief system. Or one of the many varieties of Christian Expression. You will always be whole and flourish in the spirit of sonship as a human being who is a son in spirit and truth if Jesus is your life.


The Kingdom is you and us as a personal expression of Jesus. It’s not a religion.

Jesus will not make you a clone of Jesus of Nazareth. However He will re-create you into the image of your true self in His person. This is life in the spirit – each person becoming who they are as a daughter or son of God. This is the church that Jesus builds without human hands but at His hand and by Hs Spirit. It is Christ come in the flesh – Christ expressed as you.


John Powell wrote a book, ‘Why Am I Afraid to Tell You Who I Am.’ The answer. Because that’s all I’ve got and you might reject me. This ‘you’ will never be rejected by Father or Jesus or Holy Spirit. This ‘you’ minus the degradations and emotional disease of sin is ‘the you’ that is your emerging glory. As we live in God, the I AM of God is reflected in the emerging I AM of us.

The fullness of grace is this: Christ’s life as yours. This is incarnation. It’s more than salvation. It is the glory of the sons of God. Our life in God and our real life in our real selves is entered through Jesus Christ. He is the way, the truth and the life in every sense.


“The healthy inner authority of the True Self can now be balanced by a more objective outer authority of Scripture and mature Tradition. Your experience is not just your experience, in other words. That’s what tells you that you are not crazy. That God is both utterly beyond me and yet totally within me at the same time is the exquisite balance that most religion seldom achieves.” (1)

(1) Rohr, Richard. Immortal Diamond: The search for our true self. SPCK. Kindle Edition.