His Kingdom in you and the world

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Anyone who has an accident and loses their sight will at first regard it as the disaster it is. But they can come to terms with the disability and sense reality in alternate ways. Even in their blindness they can work towards the light.

The spiritual disaster that is the most disempowering for the church is the condition in which we think we see, but we are in fact blind.


Satan blinded Adam And Eve with a false narrative that deceived them into a false reality. Thus when Jesus came He came among us as the light to set captives free from darkness. Darkness is a false narrative, false ideas about God, twisted ideas about the plan of salvation and mistaken ideas about ourselves. This is why we need the mind of Christ and not some ‘other gospel’ that is a derivation of the fall and its perpetuation.


Satan was defeated at the cross. The fall was undone and the rise of humanity guaranteed. But Satan has never let the truth stand in the way of a plausible lie. In pursuing the deceit of the fall and extending the lie beyond the cross, Satan has blinded the eyes of many with a new version of the fall’s assumptions.

Questions such as, ‘Can God be believed? Are you really one with God? Are you really sons? Are you not still separated from God so that you need to do ‘Christian things’ to be received and accepted into the communion of the trinity? Don't you need to draw God into ourselves through praise and worship, through the routine of church, by observing days and times and good works? Don’t we need to live by the tree of the knowledge of good and evil but with Jesus’ help?

Well no. Not at all. Adam and the religious lies have been undone and you have one life as a son/daughter in union with God. Christ’s life is your life. It’s called the vicarious humanity of Jesus.

If you are living in religion you might find these assertions disturbing. Because if you did not have these externalities you would have nothing. The fact is that when Christ is our life we have everything.


A major religious illusion that holds Believers in captivity is the belief that we become godly by ‘being good.’ Sounds logical and therefore believable and as such is the basis of legalism which is a life in the knowledge of good and evil. Godliness is of course relevant. But it is ours as the branches of Christ’s vine. Holiness is us as the expression of God. This is the meaning of sons of God and the spirit of sonship. You are a manifestation of God. Well what else does a son mean?


There is a way of being holy as God is holy and it’s The Living Way. It’s called incarnation.

The truth is that real Godliness is a state of being. It’s union with God. Adamic separation is undone. We have this union as the gift of God. We become Godly by being part of God; by agreeing that Jesus has made us one with God and is the door to the fellowship and companionship with God that Jesus experiences as a member of the trinity. Because you are part of our Father and He is part of you, you become a son of God and advance from glory to glory as yourself in Jesus. The wonderful thing about the real gospel is that hidden in Christ we become revealed as ourselves - in the increasing glory of the sons and daughters of God.