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We can know God in Jesus Christ. But this is different to thinking we know God by citing a series of proof texts or stating a ‘position’. God, being personal is known through ‘being.’ The anomaly in ‘knowing’ is that there is a variety of fundamentalist who does not know God, just as there are many who ‘know their Bibles’ but do not know God. This comes from the conceit of thinking that words about God are actually God.


Thomas Torrance observes, “Let us return at this point to the biblical conception of divine revelation as mystery. God reveals himself to us in such a way as still to be veiled from us in the infinite depths of his ultimate Being, for he does not surrender his transcendence or sovereign freedom but remains the absolute Lord of what he reveals and of our knowing of him.” (1) This should not discourage us from the quest to know God for as Jesus said this ‘knowing’ is ultimate life.


This is why the mystic knows God and the strident moralist does not represent Him.

God cannot be compacted into a Bible study or contained in the Bible. This becomes obvious when sincere people rooted in the law minister words that are almost entirely lacking in spirit and life. The reason being that to speak and live spirit and life we must be one with God – which we are not when in the mindset of the separation of the law and its trellis of religion.


‘Knowing God’ has similarities to knowing your spouse since this knowing involves oneness of being.

Once we are enlightened that God is a spirit and that worshiping Him in spirit and truth is more than worshiping ‘correctly’ or having the ‘gifts,’ we might come to the realisation that knowing God is found in union with God.


This is more than communion because it is more than having an impression, a vision or a dream, but it may of course include these. But there are many who ‘know’ God without any of these because they live in a simple oneness with God. Oneness with God is that which belongs to all: Incarnation. Incarnated with God - God speaks into your soul and is expressed as you. God does not incarnate in us so that we can live a ‘Christian life. He incarnates Himself in us TO BE US.

(1) Torrance, Thomas F.. The Christian Doctrine of God, One Being Three Persons (T&T Clark Cornerstones) (p. 81). Bloomsbury Publishing. Kindle Edition.