His Kingdom in you and the world

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You may have wondered why there can be outpourings of Holy Spirit presence that go nowhere. Thinkers have pondered this after every revival.


Holy Spirit is not the Word incarnated and it was not Holy Spirit who went to the cross to accomplish the atonement. It is Jesus christ who joins human beings to God and Jesus Christ whose sonship with God make us the sons/daughters of God.

Holy Spirit and the anointing is an adjunct to our new covenant union with God. Never a gospel on it’s own. We will not successfully ‘bring heaven to earth’ if we are not already living in the communion of the trinity incarnated in us. Heaven is not separate to earth.


Holy Spirit lives to reveal Christ, to mediate Christ and to draw us into the life of Christ. Holy Spirit is zealous to draw us into our inheritance of the cross – which is union with God. Holy Spirit is the agent of our living in the oneness with God that the trinity enjoys as oneness with themselves.

Holy Spirit ministers our inheritance in Christ and Holy Spirit will withdraw if we insist on ignoring this inheritance by living in the separation of the law and old covenant.


Holy Spirit can be ‘quenched’ should we be intent on living from gospels that are not the gospel of Jesus and the apostles. These are ‘gospels’ which insulate us from the union with God that is ours. A law-based gospel is particularly at and insulating us from the life of the new covenant because it suffocates what would have been the reality of Christ come in our fles, which is none other than the fullness of God incarnated in us. This is life in the Spirit.


“The Holy Spirit has no ‘Face’, but it is through the Spirit that we see the Face of Christ. In the Face of Christ we see the Face of the Father. The Holy Spirit does not specialise in manifesting himself or focus attention upon himself, for it is his mission from the Father to declare the Son and focus attention upon him.” (1) It is through the speaking of the Spirit that the Word of God incarnate in Christ is communicated to us in words that are Spirit and Life rather than in moralism and flesh.


If we insist on burying our talents in the ground and charging Jesus with being a hard man because he has offered us life in the Spirit in place of the law – (the system of self-salvation) then we should expect that Holy Spirit will not force us into life. Holy Spirit will withdraw and wait for another occasion.


There are any amount of revivals that started as a bang and ended as whimper. Why? The foundation of our life in God has already been achieved in God. When Jesus cried, ‘It is finished!’ Adamic separation was finished. Jesus had ‘made the two one’.

In Jesus you have been drawn into His life in God. Holy Spirit is not going to promote a religion of the gifts and the signs that ignore the foundation of the Kingdom Jesus began – oneness with God. Spiritual gifts, as wonderful as they are by themselves are not the Gospel and are not healing and life unless joined to the fundamental healing that is ours – the undoing of separation from God.

(1) Torrance, Thomas F.. The Christian Doctrine of God, One Being Three Persons (T&T Clark Cornerstones) (p. 63). Bloomsbury Publishing. Kindle Edition.