His Kingdom in you and the world

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When I was a youth I belonged to a group that was obsessed with ‘getting ready’ for the Second Coming.’ I heard a remark said in sincerity more than once. ‘Live as if you only have one day on earth to live.’ This was said in the context of our giving ourselves a big enough jolt to ‘be ready’ to stand in judgement. Law twists the Gospel. Recently I saw a similar admonition coming from another perspective: ‘Live as a dying man.’
Rubbish. Live as a living woman, a living man who is alive in Christ.
In Christ you are always ready because He is your life. He is you. You don’t have to live in religious contrivances. You can live in life to the full and in continuous readiness with Jesus as your life. It’s incarnation. Christ your life is the ultimate grace and the only real gospel – the only Gospel that really is grace because it does not have woven in to itself some kind of addition of you, some form of imagined entitlement. You need to be done with the idea that carrying around in your back-pack a piece of law gives you and edge.
You don’t have to pretend you are not a flawed human being. Neither need you live in a cocoon of degradation when you can be incarnated with the transforming presence of Jesus. Let’s be clear. In His Gospel, He becomes you. This is the meaning of Christ come in our flesh.
You can live well now and live forever because Christ is worthy even though you are not. Yet I take care in saying this too. You are son of God. The fact of the cross means that you are of infinite worth.
Personally I prefer to live each day to the full because I have the rest of my life to live life to the full. The first person to urge us to ‘seize the day!’ was right. Seek life and pursue it. It’s a person. He lives in you and manifests as you.
Some on their death-bed live in peace, having had to abandon their false self and finally come to terms with who they are.
Others live in fear, regret and terror of judgment.
There is a ‘next life’ and the nature of it has quite a lot to do with how we lived in this one. We can agree that we have been received into Christ’s life and live as the expression of Him. There are Christian who do not believe in hell and others who do. Some define hell as having to live eternally with people who are like our self-obsessed self. Be honest. Some of us are jerks and others are full of grace and truth. The difference between a Trump and an Ardern are obvious. Who we become is who we are in the spirit and the flesh.
There is a way of life and peace called the new and living way. Free of humbug and dissimulation this way is simple and comprehensive. Kriston Couchey writes,
You were born to be the expression of the person of Christ. You were born to manifest on earth what already exists in heaven. You are changed by beholding as within a mirror (within your own spirit) The glory of God in Christ who dwells within. You were born to BE not do. If you ARE then you will do. That is why following does not change you, beholding and believing does.”
This is the antidote to perverse and diluted gospels and puff-ball religion.