His Kingdom in you and the world

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We advance from glory to glory when we live in oneness with God instead of oneness with religion. To live in the latter is to engage in a kind of prostitution. ‘We have one husband who is Christ’. Jesus can be known as a spouse is known. We are the Bride of Christ if we choose to be. It’s a state of being. This is a union that is ours as a replication of the communion of the trinity. We are one substance with God; a perichoresis in which we are part of God and God is part of us - yet each remains fully themselves. This is Godliness and what it means to be a human being.


Our life under the influence of Jesus Christ is real and active in us when we live in that which has been achieved for us: reconciliation - meaning union with God.
This life is real and available to us if we are not aware of it or do not believe it. But it is not ours and active in us until we do believe it. Belief is crucial because what we believe with our mind becomes the reality we construct in the world.

We make our own reality. But what if the reality that we have made or has been handed to us is a lie?


We are free to live as individuals in Christ’s incarnated life but never free to adopt an alternative gospel. Unless we are willing to sustain the curse of being insulated from His Presence.

“St Paul tells us.. that access to knowledge of God as he is in himself has now been provided for us through the reconciliation with God brought about by the Cross of Christ. By his blood Christ has reconciled us to God and thereby opened the way for all who believe in his name to enter with him into the holy presence of God and share in the gift of the Holy Spirit which he received from the Father. Thus through the Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Communion of the Spirit we sinful human beings have access to the Love of the Father, and know him not from afar but intimately as he is in himself” (1)

We can know Him as He is in Himself and as He is revealed in others and the world because we are ‘lived in’ and tutored by the Spirit in the knowledge of Christ.

(1) Torrance, Thomas F.. The Christian Doctrine of God, One Being Three Persons (T&T Clark Cornerstones) (pp. 68-69). Bloomsbury Publishing. Kindle Edition.