His Kingdom in you and the world

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Athanasius wrote, ‘He (Jesus) became what we are that He might make us what He is.’ The one way of becoming the person you really are is to live in your inheritance of Christ your life.


We may get the atmosphere of God in nature and landscape and sense His presence in great art and movies. We may encounter His Spirit in Godly people, observe His presence in those of different religions to our own and perceive His manifestation in some who have no religion at all – because their actions are not smothered by religion.


But we know God and relate to Him directly in the person of Jesus Christ. To know that Jesus is in us and with us is to know that God in His fullness is in us and with us. Christ in you the hope of glory means that incarnated in your being the Christ of God bears witness to Himself, to the trinity and to you.

But it’s not just knowledge. Real knowing comes by revelation. Such knowing is more a state of being than mere assent.


In the reality of Christ you will know the reality of you. You will know yourself and become your real self, incarnated with Jesus in a way that you never will when relating to God through religion or the law. This relationship is direct and un-impeded, if we allow it to be and resist all tendencies to try to find God in things that are not God.


In the new testament age you are the field that is one with Christ. One not as in ‘doing christianity’ but one as in you are one substance with Christ. In religion there are many sacraments that can have some benefit. Or not. In the post cross age the sacrament is Christ your life. You are the sacrament. Every day is alive when you are alive in the incarnation. This is the soil of holiness and the rootedness of the gifts of the Spirit.


To know God in spirit and in truth is to relate to God in the ‘naked now.’ This simply means to know God in Jesus Christ as Himself, totally devoid of substitutes for His presence. Lucy in C S Lewis is more sensitive to Aslan’s presence that the others because she is less reliant on externalities and more absorbed in Aslan as Aslan. This is the meaning of ‘blessed are the pure in heart.’


There’s a cogent scene where Lucy is wanting to be as beautiful as her sister and almost wants to be her. She looks into a mirror and see’s her sister. Aslan breaks through the trance and cautions her against this idolatry. Near the end of the story Lucy reveals that she has learned her lesson well when she urges a girl younger than herself to live from the glory of herself by being herself.

A religious view might have us look askance at seeking our glory. But with Christ as our life we will not have to seek it. We will become glorious in that we will grow into the son/daughter we were born and redeemed to be. Never walk in someone else’s vision of who you are. This is a subtle idolatry. Absorbed in Christ you will be revealed as you – a son, daughter of God.


Athanasius used to say: ‘It would be more godly and true to signify God from the Son and call him Father, than to name God from his works alone and call him Unoriginate.” (1)

God is not represented by things, morality, good works or religion. God is who God is. In oneness with Him you will be too. One with God you will be revealed as yourself and the fruit of this union will be fruit that lasts.

(1) Torrance, Thomas F.. The Christian Doctrine of God, One Being Three Persons (T&T Clark Cornerstones) (p. 117). Bloomsbury Publishing. Kindle Edition.