His Kingdom in you and the world

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God is not in a box. He is not contained in the ark of the covenant and neither do the commandments of Moses express his character. Jesus is the revelation of God and Holy Spirit is the Revealer of Jesus. The key role of Holy Spirit is not to impart gifts as some suppose. Holy Spirit lives to reveal the gl0ry of Jesus as Jesus is. The achievements of Christ’s work for us accurately and in completeness when we are living in our inheritance as sons and daughters living in God.

On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20 NIV.

The people of God live in God – never in religion. Genuine Godliness occurs because we are part of God and God is part of us. This
is us simply by agreeing that Jesus Himself is our life.


An astute pastor once remarked that that ‘There is a war against fullness in Christ.’ He was observing that the Enemy having seen that Christ is indeed our life in all things, does his best to limit His influence. His ploy is to distract us so that the fullness of His life in us is distorted and reduced to as little as possible.

The Enemy seeks to attach us to substitutes for Christ that have no life at all.

If Satan can distract us and subvert Christ’s fullness to ten percent of what it is or some lesser fraction, he is able to subvert the spirit of sonship, impede the Kingdom and
dumb as down to far below who we actually are as the sons and daughters of God.

The I AM of God and the WHO of us is known by God and by those who seek His truth.

Our being part of the Body of Christ is of small help if our beliefs are but 5 percent of the whole gospel, a distorted gospel or perverse enough to be no gospel at all. Not only that.

The Living Way is narrow, which is to say that it is unexpected, radical and counter-intuitive. Given that the Enemy lives to obscure it, dilute it and redefine it we must be live in a discipline of constant vigilance and openness to correction and proper instruction in doctrine so that we will live in the fullness of Christ and not some obscure corner of Him. Karl Barth put it well when he wrote.

The God of the Gospel is the God who mercifully dedicates and delivers himself to the life of all men-including their theologies. Nevertheless, he transcends not only the undertakings of all other men but also the enterprise of evangelical theologians. He is the God who again and again discloses himself anew and must be discovered anew, the God over whom theology neither has nor receives sovereignty.” (1)

If we are not prepared to discover Him anew and content to live in the blissful ignorance of our self-devised theologies, we will not only shoot ourselves in the foot. We will shoot ourselves in the head and wobble like loonies. We will stagger about when we could have been complete in the wisdom and revelation of God and been kings and priests instead of slaves and workers.

(1) Karl Barth. Evangelical Theology: An Introduction (Kindle Locations 144-147). Kindle Edition.