His Kingdom in you and the world

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The issue of salvation and Kingdom is not the law. It’s the triune God who is absolutely trustworthy, who has embraced you and drawn you into Himself. In Jesus you are drawn into the fellowship of God and God in fullness comes to live in you. This is the issue of salvation and the issue of your life and the Kingdom of God realised in you and your church.

We can live a life of oneness with God if we choose. First we must want to so live. Since the cross God is not somewhere else, never restricted to holy days or holy places. Christ is in you. Believing Jesus means that the Holy Family make you their home.


If you have been raised in a wooden, semi-legalistic religious culture in which your life in God was as narrow as words and beliefs, you will find it a delight to come into the Spirit as it is called. In this mode many experience the gifts and the signs that were normal in the days of Jesus and the apostles. I have participated in this kind of life I know that these things are real and that cessationism as a mindset is a delusion.


Yet as wonderful as the manifest presence is, the indwelling presence is our foundation and our life. Holy Spirit and the gifts are not the basis of the kingdom of God. Christ in you is the foundation of the Kingdom, specifically the incarnation of the trinity in you and in those who believe. A gospel of the gifts, of healing on its own is not the Gospel of the Kingdom. Christ come in you and in the church is the Kingdom of God and the engine of the new creation.

There would be no incarnation without the cross and there is no Kingdom of God among us without the incarnation. Without our living in the incarnation and the reality of our one substance with God as sons re-invention of the church will be a dead tree and the gifts will have no root.


The seed is Christ our life and the field is the triune God into which we are sown.


The treasure in the field is not Holy Spirit and the gifts. This treasure is the Gift of Union with God that is yours as a result of the enterprise of the trinity. The gifts without the new covenant are a vapour and cannot be sustained.

A feature of the trinity is three persons, one God. It is this oneness in togetherness that is at the heart of all life, of salvation and social life. It’s the stuff of spirituality and the substance of Godliness. The water of life is Christ and the quenching of our thirst for union with God that is ours in Him. Jesus not only forgives sin but takes us back to the Source of our being – the trinity.

Union with God is our alpha. It’s also our omega.


Thomas Merton observes that, “The specific value that draws a Christian into the "desert" and "solitude" (whether or not he remains physically "in the world" ) is a deep sense that God alone suffices. The need to win the approval of society, to find a recognized place in the world, to achieve a temporal ambition, to "be somebody" even in the Church seems to them irrelevant. They realize themselves to be called to a totally different mode of existence, outside of secular categories and outside of the religious establishment.” It is not wrong to make a name for ourselves in the world of activity. It’s just that it is not life and certainly not life to the full. You can become a self in the world of externalities but never your real self until Christ is your life.


Worship is a life. Not something one does in a praise and worship service. You need not live in a monastery when you can live an incarnated life and the Christ come in your flesh can counteract all works of the flesh and touch all you touch with spirit and life.

Jesus is life Himself. He makes us alive in our spirit and lights our being with spirit and life. Unless we know this and are living in it, our deportment is marked by a certain dullness, and an insensitivity to the flesh posing as spirituality. Our lack of spiritual discernment will be pronounced and we will be a frustration to those for whom Christ is life and a drag on the advance of the genuine Kingdom of God. If you have ever wondered why Holy Spirit and the gifts bolted on to the law and old covenant, just fades away, this is why. Life in the Spirit and a sustained anointing is the result of union with God. Law places us in a separated mindset.


David lived before the incarnation, yet he enjoyed an amazing intimacy with God because he hungered for God and knew that communion with Him was the source of spirit and life. Yet any this side of the cross can have a deeper communion with God than did David. One does not need to join a monastery to do this. We can just agree with Jesus that He has drawn us into His life and communion with God in fullness; into the fellowship that is His fellowship with Holy Spirit and Father.

‘We also know that the law is made not for the righteous but for lawbreakers and rebels, the ungodly and sinful the unholy and irreligious..’1 Tim 1.9 NIV.

You have not been handed an inheritance in sin management. You inheritance is Christ’s life as yours. Adam’s separation has been undone. Moses’ laws have served their purpose and are redundant. God’s life has become our life. This is life in the Spirit and our oneness with Christ igniting the world.