His Kingdom in you and the world

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The Holy Spirit, the gifts and the anointing are never the Kingdom of God by themselves. They are the fruit of the Vine. The vine is the Christ who has made us one with God by joining us to the trinity and the trinity to us.

The anointing and gifts bolted onto the old covenant and the law is not the Kingdom of God. It’s a disembodied phantom of a fulsome life in Christ.

A life of agency that is much more than Christianity as a religion or a moral program is here for all. It’s here in plain sight in the expression of God as His People. This is the meaning of sonship. It’s the incarnation of the trinity in you.

The cross is the revelation of who God is. It’s also the at-one-ment and the undoing of Adamic separation. The cross is the atonement and the atonement brings union. The incarnation is made a reality in our lives. This is Christ come in our flesh and more. The trinity in us and the church.


Neither in the Old Testament nor in the New Testament is the Spirit of God regarded as the emission of some divine force detachable from God … With the coming of the Spirit the Lord fulfilled his promise not to leave his disciples orphaned but to come himself among them in such a way that they would know that he is in the Father and that they are in him and he is in them. As Jesus himself shows us the Father, the Spirit shows us Christ, and makes us know the Father in the Son.” (1)


Jesus is in the Father and we are in him and he is in us. This is the hub of life in God – when we are in the Hub and the Hub is in us and more. The Hub becomes us. This is the meaning of our life in Christ and the new creation progressed. It’s Christ in you and in us. The weaving together of Father and the sons and daughters of God.*


The point is that if we make a ‘thing’ and a religion out of the Spirit and the gifts we may still be ‘orphaned’ as some are since, much of their churchianity is organised around ‘gaining the presence’ in praise and worship or ‘earning acceptance with God’ if not through the law, through the ‘law of Christian practice.’

The presence is already in us and with us them not poetically but in reality by way of incarnation. This is the reality that is the union of the Christ and us in new covenant communion. This is the meaning of the Lord’s Table and the celebration of our one substance in Christ.

* The issue of Godliness and our life in God is nothing so banal and depersonalised as the abstraction of the law and the fog of religion. It really is Christ our life.
Torrance, Thomas F.. The Christian Doctrine of God, One Being Three Persons (T&T Clark Cornerstones) (p. 64,65). Bloomsbury Publishing. Kindle Edition.