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Journalist, Barry Cassidy writes, ‘Being put in a position of leadership does not make you a leader.’ We live in a season when inept leaders get to be leaders because unwise and self-centred people put them there and because ambitious people are selfish and ego-driven enough to jostle those more able than themselves out of power in order to get their place in the sun.


You can appear to be a leader by stubbornly attaching yourself to outmoded ideas as though civilisation depends on it or by appealing to the greed of vested interests and the naivety of ordinary people who do not know that they are being lied to. As the recent Australian bushfires reveal, the half-truths and lies of these self-interested segments of society, have the capacity to eventually destroy the goods and some of the people who put their trust in them.


Some of these ‘leaders’ get into power because the masses who put them there are selfish and stupid.

Some so called leaders have long cherished top leadership roles but many of them are too separated from their real selves to perceive that they are not intelligent enough and not wise enough for the leadership role they eventually occupy. Others are reasonably intelligent and well educated but possessed ideas so whacky that the populace eventually sees through them and votes in someone more sensible. Not everyone is dull.


If you are living by the truth and valuing the truth you need not fear fresh revelations of truth because you know that truth is life. If you are a Christian organisation that has grown out of dissimulation and a disregard for truth and in fact have manufactured your own truth, you will be suspicious of truth tellers and those whose intelligence and education equips them with the insight to penetrate appearances and the fog of lies that vested interests are relying on to maintain their power. These kinds of leaders will be impelled to appoint subordinate leaders who are dull enough not to question the illusion on which the organisation is built.


Trump is in power because of the parlous nature of much American Christianity and the foolishness of his support base. There is some truth in the saying, ‘People deserve the leadership they get’. But this is not the entire truth. It might be hoped that leaders themselves might be lovers of life and truth rather than blind leaders of the blind. The end result is that both fall into the ditch.


The Trump artifice must collapse in time as must all cultures based on delusion because contempt for truth is folly along with the futility of creating one’s own group reality. This is the fate of all who make folly their refuge. God will not need to destroy those who destroy the earth because they will have destroyed themselves.


‘Being put in a position of leadership does not make you a leader’. Particularly if you have been given the position because you are one not smart enough to see through the socially embedded lies and dissimulation that is the operative culture. This is how leaders without ability get into leadership positions. In my life I have seen leaders in Christian institutions who are not just limited, but leaders who are profoundly dim.


Without emotional intelligence or powers of perception these operatives act as pedants and micro-managers. They cannot see that most of their colleagues are smarter than they and because they are not the kind of people who can separate the forest from the trees.


Thus we find ‘leaders’ in organisations who are intellectually dim exercising control over those who are more intelligent than they,. Some of them are only semi-literate and others have no capacity to join the dots, no vision, are without emotional intelligence, and in some cases not much intelligence at all. Why? Because you need dull personnel to maintain the lie. What lie? The lie of a distorted gospel.


‘Being put in a position of leadership does not make you a leader.’

Leaders who are not real leaders will be impelled to attempt to change the reality of those with integrity and ability. Not being real leaders themselves these pseud-leaders, will, like Donald Trump
attempt to create a reality that makes them look good and others look bad. Their narcissism and incapability drives them to downgrade, abuse and manipulate those who have real ability and who are representatives of real life and life to the full. Creating a false reality in this way is ‘gaslighting’. Gaslighting is what vested interests did to Jesus – killing life.