His Kingdom in you and the world

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Should we define ourselves as beings of the law, we do ourselves a grave disservice. ‘The law’ draws us into abstractionism, institutionalism and religion. Here the brightness of one’s spirit is muffled and one’s soul becomes comatose and ill. Your fire turns to smoke and a degree of rigor mortice afflicts the mind while you are still alive. Joined to the law by any kind of umbilicus we can be sons in theory but never in spirit and in truth.


Living inside this bottle of religion and clinging to our artificial self, we make God less than He is and ourselves less than we are. God is the I AM of Himself. If we choose Jesus as our life rather than the common pattern of attempting to be a ‘doer of the law’ we will live as the I AM ourselves. YOU WILL BE SPIRIT AND LIFE.

A life attached to law and behavior modification will not produce life in the Spirit or sons and daughters of God.

It will produce clones of religion and much frustration until we get wise enough to realise that we need a life not our own as our OWN LIFE.

We need Christ our life. Christ our life: Christ incarnated in us is the ultimate grace. Christ is our life personally, as the church and as the new creation when we believe He is.


‘Neither circumcision nor uncircumcision means anything; what counts is the new creation’ Gal 6.15 NIV. Religion is nothing. The law is nothing. Iconic denominational rites are nothing. What counts is the incarnated trinity making you alive and created spirit and life through the things you do.


The writer of Hebrews speaks of the power of an infinite life. The incarnation is the new and living way to the new earth. We need to ensure that we do not suffocate the replenishment of the earth by notions of heaven and rapture. Heaven may be real but the earth is real and was sanctified by the presence of the son of God as Jesus of Nazareth in a human body. Heaven begins now. The glory of persons, of society and of the renewing creation is introduced in Paul’s,

‘For you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God. When Christ, who is your life, appears, then you also will appear with him in glory’ Col 3.3,4 NIV.


The glory of you unfolds during our life in the body. It manifests when we make Him our life and are not distracted by shadows of the false life and the non-self, such as laws, observances and the culture of religion which is always the package and not the substance.

Christ our life – Christ incarnated in us and Christ manifest as us personally and as society is the hope of the future and the solution to the increasing fragmentation and chaos resulting from the denial of the King of Kings.

In Jesus Christ all things hold together and become themselves. They enter their own glory. In ‘Till We have Faces’ C S Lewis wrote of those who decrease in substance until they are mere ghosts of themselves because they choose a false life and a false self. This ‘un-self’ is ‘us’ in pre-cross (old covenant) religion and our incarceration in the non-life of Adam and Moses. A regiment which we might describe as being in Christianity but it may not be that state of being in which Christ is our life. It might just be us on the treadmill of our parents beliefs.


“According to Torrance (1959: cxiv), humans have no being apart from Christ as man. If Christ had not come, notes Torrance, that is, if the incarnation had not taken place, so that man’s estrangement with God was allowed to stand, humanity would disappear into nothing. The incarnation, including the cross, affects the entire cosmos, including all humanity so that creation itself is set on a new basis with God, ‘the basis of a Love that does not withhold itself but only overflows in pure unending Love’” (1)

The regeneration of the earth comes from Jesus life writ personal and writ large in us. Not from us copying Jesus but from Jesus being us.

Don’t short change people with a ‘gospel of church’ when the water of life is on offer. Don’t bleat about institutional community when what is here for all is the fellowship of the trinity.

Actually Believers are already in this communion. Spirit and life comes from believing and acknowledging what is ours.

If Jesus says ‘Come to me all who are distressed and frazzled and I will give you life and rest,’ our response is to say ‘yes. I’m for it!’ The Spirit combines with our spirit to sense God, to reach out to Him and say ‘yes.’ ‘I agree that I have been drawn into your life and am included in your life without limit. I am alive because I am a daughter in spirit and in truth.’


(1) Davis, M., 2017, ‘T. F. Torrance: Union with Christ through the Communion of the Spirit’, In die Skriflig 51(1), a2313. https://doi. org/10.4102/ids.v51i1.2313. (1)