His Kingdom in you and the world

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Before the fall, human beings were simply in God and therefore in life. Relationship is righteousness because relationship is life.

Union with God which is union with. Life was originally found in God, in being one with His being and our being included in the fellowship of the trinity.

But the Son of God became one of us, undid the alienation and separation, wove us back in to the Holy Family and more. God wove us into continuous life – life that is life because it is life. Life uncompartmentalized and fragmented in the artificial distinctions of the knowledge of good and evil.

The knowledge of good and evil is neither righteousness or eternal life.


“Formerly man had seen only the declared “ it is good ” of God’s creation, but this fruit offered him the opportunity to see things differently. By eating it he could become “like God”, possessing the ability to see evil in what was originally said to be good. This tree’s fruit injected a literal “knowledge”, or way of thinking, into the stream of human consciousness that was not a part of the original creation. Adam and Eve’s view of things suddenly became stained by a new and false reality, for everything began appearing in the context of good and evil, right and wrong, holy and unholy.” (1)

This is to say that any ‘righteousness’ that expresses itself in such dichotomies is not God’s life or yours.


When Jesus talked with The Woman at The Well He emphasised that life was not to be found in places of worship. If it is not in places, neither is it in ‘times’ like Sabbaths – not when He has offered us a Sabbath life in His life. Jesus was presenting Himself as the one in whom life is found in spirit and in truth. That is real life as distinct from the charade of religious life. Real life is union with God. Real life is the life of Jesus manifest as you.

Jesus did not come to establish a new religion. He came to multiply His life in people like you. He does not endorse externalities as life. He multiplies Himself in Bill, Bob, Mary and Charlotte.


The multiplication of Jesus in people is the emergence and advance of the new creation. Real creativity is found when Christ is our life. But not much in the false life of religiosity. Jesus will bring life to all that we have. But He is not limited to what we have. He liberates people into the freedom to be themselves in creative ways. Jesus does not strip us or our humanity. He fills our humanity with spirit and life.

‘In Him is life and that life is the life of all human beings’ John 1.4. You might think you have received Christ. Actually He has received you into His life.


With the incarnation life has entered you and become you. Bu living in this inheritance you have become life as yourself.

Where is life? You have been drawn into it. Know where you are. You and Jesus are one which means that you and Father are on – one with life. Baxster Kruger has written,

“Justification has so dominated the landscape of Christian thought that adoption has been marginalized. We don't hear much about our adoption at all. We hear a lot about forgiveness, but very little about the staggering reality of our inclusion in Jesus' relationship with his Father in the Spirit.” (2)

Your life has been re-positioned in God.

We have been adopted into infinite life; adopted and joined into the companionship of the trinity to enjoy the fellowship Jesus has our Father and Holy Spirit. We have been woven into God in Jesus and in Jesus God in His fullness has been woven into us. God becomes you and God’s Spirit manifests as you.


The incarnation is the new covenant realised: Christ in you. The incarnation is you and Father being one. This is the ground of your being and the root of which the gifts are the fruit. It takes the end of Adam and the beginning of you and Father as one to inaugurate the anointing and the gifts. This is why the gifts of the Spirit come after the cross and Pentecost and not before it. There were miracles in old testament days but never incarnation and union with God. This came with the fullness of time with Christ in you, Christ as you.

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(2) C. Baxter Kruger, The Great Dance: The Christian Vision Revisited.