His Kingdom in you and the world

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The ‘being of God’ and the expression of who God is - is seen in the person of Jesus and more. This more is our exposure to the understanding of the trinity and the implications of the communion that is the trinity for our relationship with God. *


We are talking the oneness of the triune God and how their oneness has become ours as a result of the cross and the fruit of the atonement in everyday life. It’s perichoresis.

We have been given a life in which are not just juxtaposed with God but woven into God and He into us.


It becomes clear to anyone who lives in a relationship with Jesus that we do not lose ourselves by being ‘lost’ in Him. We gain ourselves. We grow into who we are as daughters and sons.

We may also observe that those who attempt to relate to Jesus through the law or religion or even a precise biblicism never become their real selves. They exist and decay as a kind husk. This is to say that they lose themselves in the reverse of being born again. They proceed through life as their false and lesser self because they have never been born again.


New birth is the start of a union with God that is our baptism into God’s person and His life. It’s companionship in His ‘being’ that shapes us into a genuine and uncontrived life as persons and sons of God. This is a direct contrast to the fundamentalist who has a scripture for everything but a limited godliness concerning anything.


The words of scripture point to something much greater than themselves. They point to the being of God and the being of us.

God is not contained in His book and neither is His infinity contained in words – especially not the words of the law. God is not as puny or pedantic as the law which is why He came to us as the Christ of God. Jesus came to reveal Father to us and ourselves to us.


This is the mystery revealed in the light of life – the living word of God who is nor ‘words’ but logos and being; the being in which we live and move and find our identity and meaning as sons of God.

God is much larger than His revelation of Himself, which is why knowing God cannot be limited to definitions and positions.

“The New Testament speaks of divine revelation as mystery (μυστ
ήριον), for even when God reveals himself to us, as in Christ or in the Cross, he does not surrender his transcendence or reduce knowledge of himself or of his activity to what we are able completely to grasp or articulate… (1)

“The term ‘mystery’ is applied, for example, to the Kingdom of God, to Christ, to the Gospel, and of course to God himself.

God’s self-revelation is a profound inexhaustible mystery in which he continues both to reveal himself and yet to hide himself, for while in his self-revelation the Word of God became visible man in Jesus Christ, he did not cease to be the eternal invisible God. Access to the mystery of God, then, to knowledge of him as he is in himself, is given through Christ and in the Spirit, for the Word of God incarnate in Christ is the objective content of God’s self-revelation.” (2)


The mystery of Christ our life cannot be contained in words but it can be sign posted and explained by a figure. Thus Christ come in our flesh, the incarnation and the oneness with God that makes us sons and daughters in spirit and in truth is found in something as simple and basis as The Lord’s Table.


Indoctrination into the law and the legalistic epistemology that results can strip the Bible of the Greater Meaning of its most powerful declarations. The topic below is the Living Word – the one who is Light and Life. Because this word is alive and personal it penetrates appearances, dividing kingdom from religion and spirit from flesh. It guarantees truth in the inward parts while securing genuine spiritual discernment that trumps talking because we can.

‘For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart’ Heb 4.12 NIV.

The objective content of the revelation of God in Jesus Christ is Christ in you.

* God is relationship. The notion that law represents God and Godliness is a travesty and an idolatry. The trinity is God, is God’s being and the expression of God’s drawing sons into Himself. The oneness of God has been deployed to secure the oneness of us – the healing of our being and the healing of our relationship with God. The trinity is the archetype of the universe.

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