His Kingdom in you and the world

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Salvation, healing and oneness with God is located in Jesus Christ.

Holy Spirit, while fully God and
one substance with God, is not our Saviour and Redeemer. Jesus is. Holy Spirit brings us Jesus and the knowledge of Jesus as per His Gospel and as He is and His Gospel is. The Mission of Holy Spirit is to witness to Christ. A false christ and a false gospel will not emerge from the ministry of Holy Spirit – although this is a possibility if we attempt to make a gospel out of the Holy Spirit or simply add the Spirit and the anointing to old covenant dogma.


The ministry of the Spirit in the manner of Acts is not a property of old covenant life. The ministry of the Spirit does no operate properly in separation from or in an old covenant mindset.

The ministry of the Spirit and the operation of the gifts is the result of the cross and the reality of the incarnation in which we are one with God in a manner that was not so before the cross.

The ministry of gifts of prophecy and healing by Holy Spirit – on its own and in separation from the at-one-ment and incarnation is not life in the Spirit or the Kingdom of God. Oneness with God is the Kingdom of God expressed as Christ come in our flesh. Everything whole and legitimate grows from the incarnation.


The Holy Spirit does not bring to us any independent knowledge of God or add any new content to God’s self-revelation, but while the knowledge of the Spirit himself as well as of the Father is derived through the Son, it is mediated and actualised within us through the presence and activity of the Holy Spirit. He is ‘the Spirit of truth’, as Jesus called him, sent to us by the Son from the Father to lead us into all truth..” (1)


As the Spirit of truth who leads us into all truth, Holy Spirit will not maintain lies or false gospels for the sake of personal comfort or denominational pride. The Spirit’s role is to reveal and amplify Christ and the Gospel of Christ and the apostles – never to endorse some derivation and adjustment to the apostles doctrine.

When the Spirit comes, it is not to do magic tricks but to draw attention to the Christ of God and the life that is found exclusively in Him and His joining of people to God. In Christ the separation that began with Adam is undone and in Christ the death that Adam introduced is annulled and replaced with the life that is Christ and the unlimited life we are joined to in the oneness that is now ours with God.


‘Spirit filled’ is more than healing limbs, more than visions and dreams and more than ‘signs’ in themselves. It’s also more than moralism. ‘Spirit filled’ means we have been drawn int0 union with God’s Trinitarian Communion and interwoven with the trinity that is God. The effect is that God’s life has become our life and our life is sanctified in His life. We are in the One Spirit.

The incarnation and the factual oneness with God that is ours in this post cross reality is the foundation of new testament life and the Kingdom of God. Gifts, signs and healings are adverts for this Kingdom but not the Kingdom itself.


As one of us and one with us he [Jesus] sanctified himself in the Spirit that we might be sanctified in him and thus be sanctified in the truth. Our receiving of the Spirit, therefore, is not independent of or different from the vicarious receiving of the Spirit by Christ himself but is a sharing in it. Since he received the Spirit in the humanity he took from us, we on our part receive the Spirit through union with him and through him with the Father. This was the point Athanasius had in mind when he wrote: ‘Our being in the Father is not ours, but is the Spirits who is in us and dwells in us.’ (2)

‘Truth’ is the oneness that is our in God that is derived from the nature of God’s oneness and communion as the trinity. In Christ we are one with God because of the nature of God that has included us in God. It has nothing to do with the law and the depersonalisation that the law engenders. The law can produce religion but only God can make us Godly.

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