His Kingdom in you and the world

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We live in two realities. We are embodied spirits born of God and born of women. Heaven is joined to earth in the person of each of us. Properly joined in those for whom, Christ is life, we are incarnated with the trinity. The life of heaven is made real in our world as we live as the manifestation of Jesus and the expression of the trinity.

This was the plan before time began and it is the plan realised in the incarnation.


We were seen in the mind of Christ before the foundation of the world and we were guaranteed our destiny as ourselves when Jesus rose from the dead. But we are not just going to live forever as wonderful as that is. We can live in the body each day incarnated with the very presence of the triune God.


Jesus Christ is the life of the world and the life of us. Nothing need be added to Christ our life. How could you add anything to infinity?

“Jesus Christ our Lord. This is the Gospel and the meaning of history. In this name two worlds meet and go apart, two planes intersect, the one known and the other unknown. The known plane is God's creation, fallen out of its union with Him, and therefore the world of the 'flesh' needing redemption, the world of men, and of time, and of things—our world. This known plane is intersected by another plane that is unknown, the world of the Father, of the Primal Creation, and of the final Redemption. The relation between us and God, between this world and His world, presses for recognition, but the line of intersection is not self-evident.

The point on the line of intersection at which the relation becomes observable and observed is Jesus, Jesus of Nazareth, the historical Jesus.” (1)


The link between eternity and you is Jesus Christ. The link between heaven and you is Jesus Christ. The link between you and our Father in heaven has been forged by Jesus Christ and this link is secure in Jesus Christ. The face of the real you is found in Jesus Christ.

Kingdom life is not a religion, an agenda, an ideology or an exercise in hoop jumping. It’s union with God in Jesus Christ. He is your union. You are His manifestation.

(1) Karl Barth, Epistle To The Romans, p 29