His Kingdom in you and the world

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Jesus alerted us to the fact that there would be christ's who were not the Christ of God. To know Jesus is to know God and to know life. To know God we need the real Jesus. We need the Jesus who is the Christ of God and the Jesus who is our Father’s Son. We need the Jesus who is the ‘I AM of Himself in spirit and in truth’.


What we do not need is a distorted Jesus and a false christ. Because the result of this is a twisted view of God, of ourselves and of our life in God. Arianism had it taken hold would have neutralised the salvation God had gained for us in Christ. Legalism defaces God and makes us workers instead of sons.

A false christ is the result of a false gospel and the false gospel so birthed produces cumulative versions of falsehood while propagating a parody as ‘godliness’ This is the curse Paul warned of with ‘other gospels.’ Our gospel is ‘other’ when it is not the gospel of Jesus, Paul and John – the apostles teaching.


“The Fall of Adam constitutes a staggering communication problem for God. For now there is a great ugly ditch between who God actually is and who Adam believes God is. From this moment forward, the truth about God will be veiled, His face will be continually tarred with the wrong brush, and His heart will be misunderstood. His every word and act and intention will be translated through the wrongheadedness of human anxiety and projection. The very presence of God in love and grace and fellowship will be translated through the fallen mind as the presence of One whose love is arbitrary and hinges on conditions, whose blessing comes with strings attached, if it comes at all, and whose character is chiefly that of a judge.” (1)


The fall produces slanders against God. The fall belittles the self and alienates the self from the self and from others. Jesus declares in John 17 that the way to love others and ourselves is to be included in God’s person in the love that is ours in fellowship with God.

Jesus also asserts that ‘Eternal life is to know God and Jesus Christ whom God has sent.’ This is the knowing of accuracy, verisimilitude and authenticity. The invitation is that this ‘knowing’ which is a knowing of being resulting from union with God, will enable us to love God as God is, be nourished in this life so that we become love. Now we have gained the ability to love one another.


In coming among us Jesus showed us how to see – we see through Him as the light of the world. In Jesus we see Father’s Face and our own face. The reality that is Christ is that we see the law and its place in Jesus and not Jesus through the law. The law-lens produces a mongrel view of god and salvation.


Should we adopt our own lens like the law and religion, we pervert our own reality and deny ourselves the mind of Christ. We can blight our spiritual eyes with unseeing and re-install the mindset of the fall with its culture of perverse renderings of God. The fruit of this is a distorted religious culture that denies God’s ‘Godness’ and our own humanity.

When Christ is our life we begin to see and we grow in seeing as God sees. He is one with us and God’s Spirit pervades our being. Thus Jesus is both life and light – the undoing of every form of death and the dissipation of all forms of darkness and confusion.

(1) Kruger, C. Baxter. Jesus and the Undoing of Adam. Perichoresis Press. Kindle Edition.