His Kingdom in you and the world

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The great religious illusion since the cross has been separation. The illusion is that our religious project is to earn our union with God. This is the raw material of the Christian Industry. Reality is, however that you are already one with God in Christ.

Satan argued to Adam and Eve that there was something lacking in their relationship with Father, insinuating that He had cheated them out of some affinity with Himself and some nobility in themselves. The truth was that they were sons and one with God. The malevolent ploy has always been to deny union and dilute sonship, so that to this day the culture of many Christian communities is to strive for a union with God that has been theirs since the cross.

The plan of the Enemy has been to attack the integrity of Father and undo the spirit of sonship.

Before the cross our relationship with God was good but not what it can be now. Moses, David and John the Baptist were close to God. There were people in Jesus’ circle who were close to God like Elizabeth and Mary and the centurion who sought Jesus out because his servant was ill. Then there were the three wise men in whom the Spirit of God was active who came to celebrate the birth of the Christ. But any Believer today can have a closer union with God than John the Baptist and the afore mentioned people. Jesus is the explicit and accurate revelation of who God is, who we are and how the gospel of the Kingdom is multiplied in the Spirit of Sonship. But more than this, we are in Christ and in Him we are woven into the very being of God – the trinity.


Fullness of life is ours in believing what God believes about Himself, about us and His plan. We call this the ‘mind of Christ’ and it is necessary for us to possess this mind because in our minds we create the reality in which we live. If you believe in old covenant separation and have made a culture and a denomination out of it you will live in separation – even though separation is finished and you have been positioned by God in fellowship with our Father. Richard Rohr writes,

I have never been separate from God, nor can I be, except in my mind. I would love for you to bring this realization to loving consciousness! In fact, why not stop reading now, and just breathe and let it sink in.” (1)


‘Except in my mind.’ That’s the difference between a healed life and an unhealed existence, a wooden representation of godliness and one that is spirit and life. We can exclaim that we belong to the Body of Christ until the cows come home, but this will not be ours in spirit and in truth while our minds remain enclosed in old covenant separation and law.

There is no separation in the Body of Life. But there is in the body of death which is the law and the old covenant – the life of separated Adam. Who is the Body of Life? It is you and Jesus in the One Spirit. No dualism here. God’s life is your life – when you believe it. This life is yours now because you have shed
cunningly devised fables.

(1) Rohr, Richard. The Universal Christ (p. 44). SPCK. Kindle Edition.