His Kingdom in you and the world

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The Pharisees were not priests as we have often imagined. They were a sect who specialised in the law. Theoretically they represented God. In actual fact their only legitimacy was that they made themselves up. You will find many references to them in the literature. We mention them here as an example of the kind of ‘godliness’ that resists life – which it did to Jesus and numbers of the apostles.

There were, so to speak, ‘other gospels’ before the gospel of Jesus and the apostles.

Legalism, an agenda of abstractions and the more amorphous entity of religion cannot produce life. Only Jesus gives life as the living Conduit of life from the Life-Hub of the trinity.


The only Whole Person approach to Christian life is found in Christ our life. The simplicity of this state of being is that Jesus becomes us by the Spirit. This is incarnation in its nuts and bolts, ultra-humanity. Here we become manifest as sons and daughters of God and as human beings of wholeness and holiness.

As persons and sons of God we live in a state of becoming – if we are astute enough to be living in God and not some substitute like the law or religion or virtue signalling good works.


Holiness is not religiosity. It is living an everyday life as a son who is who he is and who celebrates being himself because he lives joyfully as himself as Jesus means him to live. You don’t get suffocated in Jesus. You do in religions of the law.

Legalistic piety varies between self-righteousness to no righteousness at all. If you are a Jesus person (Christ your life) in a Christian institution your persecution will not come from the non-believer but from the legalistic person whose humanity has been negated by the law.


Real holiness is being you. There is nothing pious, nothing contrived about Godliness. It is being alive in the fullness of Christ as you, loving self and others and being a person of grace and truth. But it’s difficult to live an authentic life if you are fixated on an identity or ideology that sucks the life out of life. This why old covenant modalities are passé and the new covenant in which Christ is you is spirit and truth.


“Beyond the tablet of stone, the papyrus scroll or parchment roll, human life has become the articulate voice of God. Jesus is the crescendo of God’s conversation with humankind; he gives context and content to the authentic thought. Everything that God had in mind for man is voiced in him. Jesus is God’s language.” Francois Du Toit of The Mirror Bible.


Jesus healed the sick, cast out demons and did so because He lived to make people whole. We are whole when in fellowship with God. Defined as whole in Jesus Christ and growing daily into wholeness, we grow in our potential as sons and daughters of God.

Jesus could come in an heal an entire church of their physical maladies. But unless each person received from Jesus that ultimate healing – a meta healing we might call it - that involves the undoing of our separation from God our spirit and souls remain ill, unhealed and solitary.


When Jesus said, ‘This is my body given for you’ it was His life given for us and His life of fellowship with Father and Spirit gifted to us. Being grafted into the trinity is the meaning of Christ our life. This is life in the Spirit. Don’t dumb this down to life in the letter, life in religion or life in the old covenant separation from God.

There’s a lot of religion made from attempting to overcome the separation that has already been undone.


If we could describe paths to holiness we could say that the law can make us into a faint representation of ourselves – like a prune instead of a plum or an Egyptian mummy rather than a glorious woman. It takes Christ our life to make us who we are and He lives within to manifest in our being so that Joy and Bob become sons of God not poetically but in spirit and truth.


“One of the most subtle ways to avoid imitating someone is to put them on a pedestal, above and apart from us. When you accept that Jesus was not merely divine but human as well, you can begin to see how you are not separate from Jesus. [ HE’S NOT ON A PEDESTAL] Open yourself to recognizing the great paradoxes within Jesus. Then you can begin to hold those same opposites together within yourself.” (The Naked Now, p 155.) Jesus is in you and He becomes you.


With Jesus as our life rather than some attempted externality as our life, contradictions are negated and paradoxes undone and made one. This is why with Jesus as our life we do not walk in confusion or the contradictions of the law. We walk in the light of life. Here were are not labouring in emulation or striving to live up to criteria. We have a life within that is not us but who is ours and who becomes us. Not is only Christ our righteousness but Christ is our life.