His Kingdom in you and the world

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There is great wholeness and security to be had when we are hidden in Christ, when Christ is our life and we are not, with the result that we possess our life in security, dignity, honour and grace.

In a manner of speaking, Jesus built us up by putting Himself down. Not in a false-humility sense, but in assuming the form of an ordinary person even though He was fully God and holding the universe in place.


J Scott Jackson writes in the Princeton Theological Review, April, 2020, “In contrast to the prideful Christians at Philippi, Jesus Christ does not assert his rights by clinging greedily to the divine dignity and prerogatives that are his by right. Unlike a robber clutching his spoil, he willingly divests himself of the honour that redounds to his majestic form as the Son of God.” Phil 2.5-8 NIV.

If you are complete in yourself, which you are if Christ is your life, you need not spend effort in rebutting put-downs that come from friends and enemies. You simply rest in the security of your person as you are a son/daughter and an I am in Christ.


If you are not in Christ but in the law or in a vexed hybrid such as christ + law you will be out to vindicate yourself, gaslight others and be a habitual judge of others as you must be if the law is your life. Christianity that is a mixture of Jesus and law is a mongel-hybid that turns what could have been discerning and gracious people into vexed know-alls and egotistical human cripples. The law does nothing for life, graciousness, the ability to love self and others and genuine Godliness, let alone intelligence and capability in any human endeavour.

On the contrary, your life in oneness with Christ not only heals your fragmented self. It liberates you from the contradictions judgments and meannesses that are ours in the knowledge of good and evil. Oneness with Christ makes you one in yourself in your Sabbath peace and rest in the comfort of being in God and one with Father.

None of us are healed or whole in the law because we remain bent in Adam and fragmented in Moses – or simply a blurred self in religion.