His Kingdom in you and the world

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Make sure that you know what the cross accomplished for you and that you are not plodding along on in a pedestrian half-life. In the new testament age God becomes you. This is not to say that you become God. It means that the Spirit of God lives in you and manifests as you – thus the sons of God.

There are two parts to God becoming us. The first is that Christ is our life as regards righteousness and fitness to fellowship with God. We are graced with His life as ours.

The second part is that His life becomes our life. We experience this as incarnation and the result is that we are the manifestation of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


The new birth means that we are not reborn from an immoral person to a moral person. It means that we are born from Adam into Jesus, which is to say from religion into life as sons of God. None of this is theoretical or merely propositional. It is real in that the being of God is incarnated in the being of you. It’s holistic. You become a manifestation of Christ not a clothes horse for bits of good character. You exhibit the fruit of the Spirit because you are no longer a tree of the knowledge of good and evil. You are a tree of life. Torrance explains it this way.


Sometimes, when Torrance talks about what he means by practical, it’s not what people are expecting. They’re expecting that theology has some additional task of making itself practical, showing itself relevant. When Torrance says theology is practical, he means that it’s inherently practical. When you’re talking about theology, you’re talking about the love of God incarnated in Jesus Christ, assuming our broken and diseased humanity. In assuming our broken and diseased humanity, God has established an utterly practical relation to us. God has taken on our very condition, our sin, our guilt, our alienation in order to overcome it. And so to say that theology is inherently practical is to say that God acts on our behalf in an absolutely concrete way.” (1)

This is what Paul means by Christ our life.

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