His Kingdom in you and the world

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I found the quote below from Thomas Torrance this morning. Once again I note that we are not to worship, even reverence other people as if they are God, as Godly as they may be. Nevertheless the Spirit of God is in people bearing witness through their person. We know God well in community because God in His Person as trinity is community. Thus as part of Him we bear witness to Him among ourselves and He bears witness of Himself to us as we do His life together.


I recall a pastor saying once what his son had shouted to him out on the lake, up on one keel in their catamaran, ‘Dad, Jesus would have enjoyed this!’ Whatever branch of Christianity you may come from, you don’t say that kind of thing without a real knowing of God. So to Thomas Torrance..

He wrote, “If I may be allowed to speak personally for a moment, I find the presence and being of God bearing upon my experience and thought so powerfully that I cannot but be convinced of His overwhelming reality and rationality. To doubt the existence of God would be an act of sheer irrationality, for it would mean that my reason had become unhinged from its bond with real being.

“Yet in knowing God I am deeply aware that my relation to Him has been damaged, that disorder has resulted in my mind, and that it is I who obstruct knowledge of God by getting in between Him and myself. . . . But I am also aware that His presence presses unrelentingly upon me through the disorder of my mind, for He will not Himself be thwarted by it, challenging and repairing it, and requiring of me on my part to yield my thoughts to His healing and controlling revelation.” (1)

Sometimes it is us who gets in between God and ourselves. Other times it is our denomination and the ideas we were reared with. Living in oneness with God means that we are naked of our own assumptions and alive in union with Christ.


Many Believers would know Christ their life as their life. They are more alive, more free than the rest because they are married to life rather than married to religion.

They possess, not only life to the full, but a witness to the adventure of a life in which all that happens to us, ministers to who we are and who we are becoming. In Christ there is an alpha and omega of us. When Christ is our life, we are life.


The destiny of the universe was decided at the cross and the well-being and health of our present life in the body depends on our embrace of the union of God and humanity that resulted.

We are not alone. Jesus participated in the highs and the dregs of human existence, drew it into Himself and transformed misery and death into life - in the resurrection which began the new creation.

I know what Torrance talks of. I have experienced the gifts of the Spirit. I have healed people in Jesus’ Name. But I do not need this to know Him as Real. I live with Him. He bears witness in my spirit and soul. Even the worst parts of my life have not been wasted. I know who Jesus is. I declare with Paul and we all declare in our home, ‘Christ is our life.’

(1) Ray S Anderson, in Princeton Theological Review, Volume XIV, No. 2, Fall 2008, Issue 39.