His Kingdom in you and the world

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Jesus presented Himself to the woman at the well as The Water of Life. If we have lived our lives entirely in religion, we may never have quaffed this essence of life. We may even have pitted ourselves against purveyors of this life as though what we already had was godliness.

Jesus was talking to the woman at the well about the advent of Himself. Jesus Christ is the only One who has ever been fully alive as a human being or who has ever worshiped properly. He is also the only One who knows the Father and is known by the Father.


This is why Jesus is our worship our spirit and our Door to union with God. As He is the only Door He is the Truth and the one way of our being alive.

Jesus is the One way to God and He is the living way – meaning that in Him we are joined to God. As such He is the One Way of having our thirst for ultimate life slaked.

Because of His humanity we can mingle with Jesus in the companionship of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We draw life from them in Jesus. Never forget that each member of the trinity is a real person and that God is not some kind of a Holy Blob.

In Jesus, we are with the trinity in heaven and the trinity is in us where we are in everyday life in the kitchen and the lab. Thus every day is a sacred day and all of our life is a whole and holy life.

The sacrament par excellence is Christ in us and more. Christ as us so that, we George and Jean are the unique manifestation of Jesus. The meaning of the Lord’s Table is the Christ becomes you.

You don’t ‘Get Christ into you by the bread and the wine.’ He is already in you and with you. The Lord’s Table is the reminder and celebration that Christ is our life and that in Him the trinity is incarnated in us. The Lord’s Table is less about mourning the cross and more about living out the radical truth that Christ by the Spirit becomes us.


‘Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood remains in me, and I in them’ John 6.56 NIV. This is an instruction about how to live life. Not an order to be particular about the communion service.

‘Jesus said to them, "Very truly I tell you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood, you have no life in you’ John 6.53 NIV.


This flesh and this life is none other than the water of life and the bread of life. Eat this and we are alive. Eat the law and we are possibly a pious bore.

Here is an invitation to live in what is yours: Christ in you. Those who eat Jesus – which is what the Lord’ Table is all about – possess His sonship and His spirit and life. By His Spirit received into themselves they become Him. The Lord Table is not a time to mourn the cross. It’s the time to REALISE and remind ourselves that Jesus is literally our life: Christ come in our flesh.


‘Observances’ do not make us Godly. ‘Externalities’ never do. Holiness is spirit. This is how we can be holy because God is holy. We become part of Him because He becomes us in Jesus Christ. Hence Paul’s ‘Christ in you’ and ‘Christ your life. Michael Kapler writes,

“Recognizing that God did not give the law to Israel to make them worthy and acceptable of eternal life is a vital component on the road to realigning our thinking correctly with the current covenant of Jesus Christ. The law was not designed to aid people towards living an improved moral lifestyle, but rather it was given to show them they could not perform up to the required standard it demanded. In other words, it was designed to fail. The Jews did not understand this, and many Christians have also missed the purpose of the Mosaic law.” (1)

The ‘blood of the new covenant’ is Christ our life. ‘This is my body given for you’ is the personal life is Jesus given to you so that His life is yours. This grace is manifested as the vicarious humanity of Jesus.
It's meaningless to speak of a whole person approach to life and retain oneself in the law and the old covenant. It takes a person to make a person. God gave us Jesus to make sons. He is our life. Incarnated in our being, Jesus becomes us and we live out the expression of Him. This is the core of our Kingdom Agency and the reason why Christ come in our flesh is what it is: The new creation through you.

(1) Kapler, Michael C.. Clash Of The Covenants: Escaping Religious Bondage Through The Grace Guarantee (Kindle Locations 531-535). Kindle Edition.