His Kingdom in you and the world

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You may have been trained to think that God’s obsession is morality and to similarly think that the law and the keeping of it is the main issue of the universe. But it’s not and never was. Our life in God is not the knowledge of good and evil writ large and amplified by Christ. The tree of knowledge has been eliminated by the tree that is the cross - and replaced by the tree of life – a tree that is the person of Jesus who goes by names such as – the River of life and the Vine.


Jesus is the Vine who roots us into the communion of the trinity. This is the life-hub of the universe, the source and home of personality, diversity, joy and all that is alive. There is nothing religious about the trinity. God is simply life without limit.

We are not asked merely to believe in the trinity. We are asked to know that our being is rooted and sourced in the trinity so that we are authentically the expression of God. As a Believer you are an expression of the trinity who is a son/daughter of God.


The being of the trinity as God is emphasised here because this is who God is: The triune God. God is not a singularity or abstraction. Because God is three God is able to love and is love. God’s fellowship is also joy. Holiness defined as some kind of inhibition is a great distortion.


Baxter Kruger observes, “First, there is the Trinity and the great dance of life and glory and joy shared by the Father, Son and Spirit; second, there is the incarnation as the act of the Father, Son and Spirit reaching down, extending the circle, their great dance of life, to us; third, there is our humanity, which is the theatre in which the great dance is played out through the Spirit. That is what motherhood and fatherhood are all about. That is what fishing and baseball and playing are all about, and laughter and romance, cookouts and work. They are the very ways the beauty of Father, Son and Spirit, the great dance of the Triune God, the glory, the fellowship, the life are played out in in us.” (1)


Separation is an illusion of the knowledge of good and evil. We are not holy because we are in church or sitting in our prayer chair. We are whole and holy because we are in God and God is in us. God does not live in separation from Himself or from life and neither should you. There is no separation in God. No sacred and secular because all is sacred in union with God.

The joy and personality of God is played out and realised in the sons and daughters of God. You in the guise of yourself are the manifestation of God as yourself and as a ‘daughter/son. In the incarnation there is one answer to ‘What does it mean to be one with God?’ The answer is to be a son/daughter of our Father.

Kruger, C. Baxter. The Great Dance: The Christian Vision Revisited. Perichoresis Press. Kindle Edition.