His Kingdom in you and the world

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The Word of God is not words. It is not in itself reading the scriptures or a Bible Study. It may not be a sermon consisting of a line of texts and their exposition. Why? Because the Word of God is a Person and being in the word is a state of being. Pre and post fall oneness is a state of being.


Life is truth and deceit is murder. Truth is life and life is truth. If you love life you will not bend the truth or ignore it. If you love people you will not promote lesser forms of life when they are not life to the full. Deceit hides in lies and a culture of truth-denial is a disease that fosters leadership by the bone-headed and un-intelligent. Such leaders are chosen because they are dull enough not to be a challenge to the establishment or a threat to those with a vested interested in perpetuated falsehood.

Reality is Christ and love is as real as one’s love for people. Your belonging in God is as real as the trinity is real. ‘No one has ever seen God; but if we love one another, God lives in us and his love is made complete in us’ 1 John 4.12 NIV.


There is a way to read the scriptures and a way not to read them. Reading bits of morality and listing the fruits of the Spirit, as a means to ‘doing them’ is a more sophisticated version of the Jews and the law but it is not different. Jesus is not here to help you do Christianity. His mission is not that trite. Jesus is with us in order that we may possess His union with His Father as our union with Father.

This is the core of our lives. Visions and dreams and tongues have their place but are a diversion if we are not living in our inheritance which is union with God.


We are already one with God – it’s not something to achieve, but something to live in. One with His Father, Jesus was spirit and life and ministered spirit and life. Without oneness we can minister words but not spirit and life. The gifts of the Spirit may give a sporadic and intermittent anointing. Oneness with Christ gives you a life that is spirit and life.

The Word of God is the Son of God – fully God and fully man. By the mystery of the Spirit He lives in us in order that we may express His life. To reduce His life to words is to make Him less than He is and us less than we are. We are one with His Person to be the expression of His person. This is Christ in you the hope and present reality of your sonship. Not just the glory of God but the glory of you as a daughter and son of God in spirit and in truth.


Jesus is the Word as the living expression of God. You are living word as the manifestation of Jesus. The sons of God live in the Son of God by incarnation. ‘Realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20. As a manifestation of the trinity you are a word from God to the world. The most amazing manifestation of the Holy Spirit is you.